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Tuesday update evening

Good evening once again from France.  We had the most amazing day and have had some great times together.  Following on from our hearty breakfast, we quickly packed our bags and on the road to the cemetery by 9.15am.  We shortly after arrived at the American cemetery where over 4000 servicemen are buried following a battle in 1944.  The scale of the cemetery was both striking and thought provoking.  The children asked interesting and very respectful questions and were in awe of sacrifices that so many people went through.


We left the cemetery at 11.15am and moved onto St Malo where we were greeted by a unscheduled thunderstorm.  This lasted around one hour where we played games on the beach.  As soon as it stopped raining, we raced into the sea and enjoyed an extended paddle and rock pool hunting for crabs and fish.  Many sports games were held including our traditional cricket game with Mrs wainwright scoring a record 28!  The traditional ice cream was then very much enjoyed as was the tour around the town of St Malo.


We arrived back at the Chateau at 7.00pm to be greeted by a lovely chicken dish. 


Currently the children are enjoying some team games and it won’t be long until they have their hot chocolate and be off to bed.


All the children are being incredible and loving the vast range of experiences.  As ever they all send their very best wishes to everyone