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Tuesday 21st May

Our journey up to Ilam was very smooth and the children were very sensible. There was great excitement as the motorway disappeared and changed to hills, fields and sheep!


After lunch we had our walk to the stepping stones across the fields when inevitably the main challenge of the day was avoiding sheep droppings! We had lovely weather so have taken full advantage of a dry day today unsure of what the weather holds in the next few days. The children showed great stamina on the walk as it was a fair way and over rocky paths. 


Once back to the hall there was the excitement of finding the bedrooms and settling into them. The children were super at choosing beds with their room mates and all choices went without a hitch. 


After our dinner and some well deserved free time for the children, we divided into 2 groups and one made beaded geckos whilst the other made pipe-cleaner people.


The children are now in bed after a very busy first day and have settled well. We hope that they have a good night's rest ready for another day full of fun tomorrow.