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Thursday 23rd May

We woke up this morning to another wettish day, however it certainly wasn't raining as hard as yesterday. In fact, after tuck shop, the rain cleared and at 10am we set off for our hill walk. The children were, as before, really well kitted out for a fairly cold windy day, so were ready for the challenge of the hill. We took our time to get to the top but everyone got there with a lot of determination and positive thinking. Once there, it was incredible how windy and cold it was, but we were ready for that, having talked about how temperatures can change at a higher altitude. The views were amazing and those that wanted to, braved the winds to sit on the very top for the incredible views.


Once we had returned from the walk and had our lunch we split into two groups again to design and make rockets to launch eggs into the air tomorrow with the idea that the designs mean the eggs are protected and will survive the fall and we also painted little flower pots as a craft activity.


Tonight we had a special treat of pillows, cuddly toys, hot chocolate and popcorn in front of a film which was a lovely way to spend our final night.


Needless to say, the children got to sleep very quickly tonight and i,m sure we will have a challenge waking a few tomorrow morning.


We cant believe how quickly the trip has gone and I want to commend the children for their ability to listen and follow instructions and of course for their positive and enthusiastic participation in everything we have done despite the wet weather. It has been lovely to get to know the children and the trip has really brought out the best in them.


We aim to leave tomorrow after launching our rockets and having lunch and will keep you posted via parent mail on our arrival time back to Park. Fingers crossed that the motorways will be flowing smoothly!