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Welcome back to a busy but exciting final term in year three.  I hope you are ready to join us on a thrilling journey into the summer term where the children will be participating in their first school swimming lessons and a school trip.


This term the children will begin a new creative curriculum topic on the theme of ‘Invaders & Settlers’.  This is a new area of study for year three but we hope it to be an immensely enjoyable experience as the children will be studying the invasion of the Scots and Picts, the arrival of the Anglo Saxons; their settlements, culture, art and village life. 


During this topic the children will create a moving Saxon monster in Design Technology, a Pictish stone and replica Anglo Saxon jewellery.


In the subject of Science; the children will be addressing areas already covered in this past year.  The children will be extending their knowledge on light, forces, plants, rocks and soils.


Our Religious Education focus, is the people of God, furthermore, this has also been linked to our creative curriculum with explores the conversion to Christianity during the Anglo Saxon period.


This term the children will start their swimming and water safety unit.

  This unit is for five weeks in year three and will be then continued again in year four, five & six. The children, once assessed, will be either learning to swim or refining their swimming skills in the pool, at Waendal Leisure Facility, on each Thursday afternoon.


Physical Education will be on a Monday & Thursday - so please come to school in appropriate PE kit with no jewellery on.


Please also watch this space for forthcoming information on school activities as well as our school trip.


However, if you have any concerns or problems in the meantime, then please do not hesitate to contact me or Terri Baker.

Warmest regards


Jo Whiting

Science observation with plants

Learning how to type in our computing lesson!