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Head Teacher’s Awards

Friday 25th June 2021


3JW                                  Abi for stepping up to the challenge and showing outstanding sportsmanship in the Cricket tournament   

                                          Archie for selecting a book and asking to read it aloud to the class.  I was very proud of the way he spoke and the use of intonation when                                                      reading

3JD                                    Charlie for excellent behaviour, attitude and application during swimming including a fab star float

                                          Eva-Rae for constantly expanding her writing vocabulary and creating exciting narrative based on the book “Black Dog”

4VT                                    Jamal for an outstanding effort to change his attitude and engagement in learning

                                          Lily for putting in the extra effort needed to improve her times table knowledge and recall

4KY/SM                            Sophie for a fantastic explanation of the meaning of a phrase in our Titanic book

                                          Kasey for a big effort to practice her times tables

5DF                                   Daisy for great descriptive writing when describing the setting in Harry Potter

                                          Zoe for great descriptive writing when describing the setting in Harry Potter

5HM                                  Nicola for an amazing setting description on The Knight Bus

                                          Rhys for a brilliant understanding of line graphs and presenting his work beautifully

6VdB                                Savanna for creative and adventurous descriptive writing relating to Harry Potter

                                          Oskar for super work enlarging shapes around a point using scale factor

6JM                                   Allan for the most amazing skills and always being willing to support other children and Mrs May

                                          Evie for super independent science work with some great thinking and ideas in our topic The Ice Age


Friday 18th June 2021

3JW                                  Rosie for outstanding discussion and outline on her fears in English

                                          Mikhail for a complete overhaul of his engagement, focus and determination in all subjects  especially English.  I’m very impressed.

3JD                                    Dinesh for superb progress in Maths and English and always making great  choices in his learning behaviour

                                          Sophia for providing excellent discussion and creating wonderful emotive English work looking at fears

4VT                                   Bethany for outstanding understanding and use of position and direction in geography

                                          Jotham for an amazingly mature and well-formed introduction to his explanation

4KY/SM                            Jazil for fantastic engagement and enthusiasm in all lessons

                                           Hussain for great contributions and ideas in all lessons

5DF                                   Shaniel for trying to work independently in English during the Greatest Showman unit of work and succeeding with great writing

                                          Keesha for always working hard in every lesson and being an excellent role model of behaviour for the class

5HM                                  Lily-Rose for showing superb confidence in getting into the water at swimming after being really nervous initially

                                           Viola for superb participation in the cricket tournament last week

6VdB                                 Jay for using great vocabulary and phrases in his writing

                                          Rian for applying his maths skills well to reasoning and problem solving tasks

6JM                                   Jada for fantastic improvements in all subjects including amazing writing in English

                                          Blake for always producing his best, working at a high level and taking an active role in all lessons


Friday 28th May 2021


3JW                    Kadeejah for outstanding, atmospheric language use continually in English

                            Kaliq for superb reasoning and discussion on the Anglo Saxons invasions with the Picts and the Scots

3JD                     Freya for levelling up her writing with fantastic vocabulary and interesting sentences

                           Serena for making great progress in RWI and always giving her best in everything she  does

4VT                    Balikis for an outstanding attitude to learning and beginning to really push herself

                           Larson for listening to and trying to act upon advice given

4KY/SM              Ollie for a superb effort and engagement in maths, challenging himself and recalling thing we have already learnt

                            Sophie for consistently having a positive attitude to swimming lessons and challenging herself well each week

5DF                    Alice for an excellent piece of descriptive writing in English about the Greatest Showman

                           Albert for a super effort and beautiful presentation in his homework

5HM                  Carmen for an incredible piece of writing from the perspective of ‘Death’ on the Tale of Three Brothers

                           Isabella for an incredible use of Teams to complete some fantastic homework this term

6VdB                  Cory for great improvements in his writing since lockdown

                            Sorin for fabulous problem solving in maths in all areas

6JM                     April for fabulous work on inheritance and great independent thinking

                            Justin for great motivation to do the best he can, resulting in accurate high level work in  maths and science


Friday 21st May 2021


3JW                   Lukas for excelling with his verbalization in racing to English lessons and his reading and understanding has immensely improved.                                     Well Done!

                            Rosaya for amazing phoneme focus and for her continued persistence with formal methods in her maths

3JD                     Sienna for always being on task and taking absolute pride in everything she does

                           Jake for challenging himself in English and Math’s by looking for constant improvement and not the easy option

4VT                     Sinomtha for demonstrating amazing kindness and empathy for her peers

                           Aarushan for embodying empathic and supportive behaviour of others

4KY/SM             Mahir for challenging and stepping out of his comfort zone in swimming lessons

                           Dhruvi for a fantastic effort multiplying numbers by 10,100 and 1000 in maths

5DF                    Vrisha for excellent effort in all her work and always maintaining a fantastic standard of behaviour

                           Evie for excellent effort in her work, particularly writing

5HM                  Ava for showing incredible perseverance during our maths lessons on time

                           Alex for a superb performance as Barnum in our class assembly

6VdB                  Joel for great improvement in his motivation and the accuracy of his maths work

                           Zaid for amazing independent maths work on reflection

6JM                    Gabija for an excellent homework record

                            Vanshi for a super set of homework


Friday 14th May 2021


3JW                   Maxim for constantly displaying mature attributes when working on tasks that are challenging.  Impressive focus.

                           Finlay for an amazing settlement design of an Anglo-Saxon village.  Finlay’s discussion on his features was superb

3JD                     Tayyibah for showing great behaviour for learning and improved focus in all lessons

                           Ismael for raising his game substantially in all aspects and showing what a great asset he is to Park

4VT                    Mia for an amazing attitude to learning and always doing her best

                           Miller for determination and resilience when trying to learn new spelling rules

4KY/SM             Imogen for a great character description using a range of literary features

                           Magdalena for writing an amazing story about The Blitz

5DF                    Gino for excellent effort and perseverance during gymnastics

                           Olivier for excellent effort and fantastic contribution during his group work

5HM                  David for a fantastic piece of writing in our English sessions

                           TJ for excellent understanding of the water cycle, evaporation and condensation

6VdB                  Frankie for her work on percentages and reason skills to solve problems

                           Lily for her excellent work on finding percentages of amounts

6JM                    Shreeya for excellent work finding the mean,  median and mode and using them to investigate what the data tells us

                           Lois for an incredible drawing for her stamp design


Friday 7th May 2021

 3JW                     Ziyan for determination and commitment to his learning.  You have been an absolute star with your number focus!

                            Hazimah for her increased discussion and participation in her learning.  Well Done!

3JD                      Evie for really showing her potential in recent weeks and raising her game  

                            Esme for being a fabulous friend and empathetic to others.  Striving to improve her presentation and pride in her work

4VT                     Jessica for outstanding attitude to learning and really pushing herself to achieve

                            Mia for amazing use of French when talking about things in our town

4KY/SM              Keris for a superb effort and attitude towards her tests this week

                            Mariya for working hard on a timeline of key events that happened in WW2

5DF                     Mateusz for excellent work in his writing

                             Keerthi for excellent writing and using a wide range of features

5HM                    Emmanuel for a brilliant piece of descriptive writing on The Greatest Showman

                             Kesini for an excellent understanding of rusting and setting up an investigation to observe the effects of water on iron nails

6VdB                    Sahil for superb language choices in his negative description of the rainforest

                             Manha for her neat and accurate timeline created in her topic work

6JM                      Eva for her brilliant work in maths on interpreting line graphs

                             Ella for a fantastic negative language description of the rainforest using well chosen language



Friday 30th April 2021


3JW                   Milan for amazing, emotive and sympathetic responses and comments in English on our book the ‘tear thief’             

                           Kornelia for her perseverance and engagement in maths. Awewome!

3JD                    Monica for making fantastic progress in all subjects and great contributions in catch-up lessons

                           Vince for showing a great  maturity and approach to all aspects of school and superb work in English

4VT                    Ethan for amazing improvement in attitude to learning and really starting to push himself

                           Akshar for outstanding improvement to attention and raising his achievement in Maths

4KY/SM             Marcel for a fantastic effort and attitude to all his work this week

                           Rudra for brilliant, clear sentences with great use of full stops in his non-chronological report

5DF                    Dominik for excellent effort in his maths work

                           Caleb for excellent effort in his maths work particularly place value in numbers to 1,000,000

5HM                   Ellie-May for excellent participation in our rugby sessions, both in the practical and theory aspects

6VdB                  Ola for fantastic commitment to our learning in every lesson

                           Ariana for excellent work on angles in maths

6JM                    Harrison for being committed and enthusiastic in all reading sessions

                            Jake for careful work and presentation in all his lesson this week


Friday 23rd April 2021


3JW                    Archie for an awesome positive mindset and for being so courageous in our first swimming lesson

                            Nella for outstanding discussion in Design Technology on creating an emergency packaging and for showing so much confidence in                                      swimming

3JD                     Harvey for superb focus and application for this year and always displaying great behaviour prior to learning

                           Lottie for fantastic observations, inferences and predictions during small group reading comprehension on”Flat Stanley”

4VT                    Laila for outstanding attitude to learning and developing confidence

                           Keaton for continuing to develop his presentation within all books

4KY/SM             Neveah for superb straddle jumps and confidence with the apparatus in gymnastics

                           Dexter for displaying fantastic fact-finding skills and enthusiasm when researching the Titanic in English

5DF                    Olivia for settling back into school well and showing a high standard of behaviour in class

                           Michelle for excellent effort in each subject and a great member of our school community

5HM                  Alex for showing excellent understanding and motivation in our science lesson on air resistance and water resistance

6VdB                 Jamie for good perseverance in his science lesson on microbes

                           Daiyan for finding suitable evidence from our Street Child text to support his ideas

6JM                   Robyn for superb reading work—finding evidence from the text to support her ideas

                           Calvin for good work multiplying fractions


Friday 4th December 2020


3JW                    Nazifa for her engagement and drive in maths on column addition and subtraction

                            Annabel for her amazing focus, determination and constant improvement in RWI. Well done!

3JD                     Serena for making good progress in all areas—reading age up over 1 year and moving two RWI groups

                           Samir for improved focus and independent learning in maths practicing column subtraction

4VT                     Vincent for superb improvement in focus and attention in all lessons

                            Hayley for fabulous work in RWI, particularly her letter

4KY/SM              Marcel for fantastic enthusiasm and engagement in our lessons

                            Imogen for superb effort and a great explanation in maths

5DF                     Gracjan for excellent progress in his writing

                            Keesha for excellent work in her writing

5HM                    Dylan for tremendous perseverance and dedication to his learning in identifying fractions

                             Navia for overcoming barriers and having the confidence to seek advice and support if she needs it

6VdB                   Lily for good accuracy and neat presentation in her maths work

                            Manha for an accurate written non-chronological report about elephants

6JM                     Amelia for using good reasoning and evidence when responding to a text in reading

                             Allan for being a conscientious worker in all curriculum areas



Friday 27th November 2020 

3JW                    Florida for outstanding modelling, elegance and focus in our Gymnastics

                            Rosie for being an outstanding young lady who conquered her fears in Gymnastics and has excelled in maths on calculation

3JD                      James for showing great application and courage in Gymnastics and super-diligence in maths

                            Chaaru for exemplar behaviour and helping her classmates particularly with new pupils

4VT                     Miller for superb improvement in his focus in maths

                            Sara for being an amazing friend to so many all the time

4KY/SM              Tia for excellent recall and effort in our French lessons

                            Natalia for making a fantastic effort to learn the sign language for our music lessons, even practicing at home

5DF                     Clayton for excellent effort in maths, particularly prime numbers

                            Tzahi for excellent research on Tutankhamun during Topic

5HM                   Ava for an amazing non-chronological report on Tutankhamun

                            Shreya for a beautifully presented bar graph on the sunlight hours in the year

6VdB                  Mylee for amazing use of language in her writing

                            Sa’rai for creating a fabulous zentangle giraffe in art

6JM                    Afan for applying his reading skills to a variety of texts and genres

                            Jada for superb understanding and accuracy when finding the area of triangles in maths



Friday 20th November 2020


3JW                    Eisa for an emotive poem in Science on the theme of light.  Awesome!

                            Lily for an excellent piece of work on Microsoft teams using comprehension, reading and computing skills on Thomas Edison

3JD                      Eva-Rae for making great progress in English and particularly in Maths involving money calculations

                            Teddy for being motivated and curious and making good progress in sentence construction in RWI

4VT                     Jessica for fantastic effort and acting when practicing our class assembly

                            Jotham for consistent and outstanding attitude to learning and being an all round amazing young man

4KY/SM              Karlos for listening really well in rugby, enabling him to successfully intercept the ball well in a game

                            Keris for great work in science in identifying the different types of teeth and their job

5DF                     Miles for an excellent attitude in class and fantastic work in his English

                            Mateusz for an excellent attitude in class and great effort in his work

5HM                   Aydin for a superb drama performance during our English lessons

                           Maisy for an amazing understanding of rounding decimals

6VdB                  Oskar for fabulous progress in converting measures

                            Sophia for outstanding imagery in her remembrance day poem

6JM                    Aman for a first class attitude during Bikeability and giving everything 100%

                            Eva for super inference work in reading this week both in class and in our reading group


Friday 13th November 2020


3JW                   Jenson for an amazing collection of home-made Roman coins as part of his learning log homework

                           Rosaya for outstanding diversity of unique recording of tasks for her homework.  The science work was amazing

3JD                     Sanad for being able to avoid distractions and focus his work resulting in great maths and RWI progress

                           Angel for an impeccable attitude to learning and making fantastic strides at Park across all areas

4VT                     Larson for outstanding effort to deepen his understanding in maths

                            Amelia for superb quality of writing and trying to use new features

4KY/SM              Nevaeh-Pax for a superb bonfire night poem using great onomatopoeia

                           Mahir for always trying his best to improve any piece of work he does

5DF                    Ella for excellent effort in all aspects of school life

                           Alice for excellent progress in maths

5HM                   Jacob for excellent participation in our African drums sessions

                           Saahiba for a fantastic setting description of the observatory

6VdB                  Frankie for excellent work on perimeter in maths

                           Daiyan for super understanding and work within long multiplication in arithmetic

6JM                   April for super work on area in maths

                           Ben for fantastic contributions to our class discussion on Thomas Edison


Friday 6th November 2020

3JW            Kaliq for awesome extended story in English called the Dragon catcher and for continually trying his best

                    Gabriel for his engagement and determination in RWI but also for his charming courteous nature in anything that he does

3JD              Ami for great progress in RWI showing improved spelling and sentence writing and     supporting her RWI partner too

        Ismael for hugely improved focus and listening resulting in great progress across all     subjects

4VT             Noah for a continuously improving attitude to learning in all areas

                     Lily for outstanding effort to improve understanding in maths

4KY/SM       Magdalena for making a creatively designed and well-structured bird house

                     Mariya for her enthusiasm and hard work when making a strong and beautifully designed  bird house

5DF             Sienna Liddicoat for excellent effort with her homework

                     Zoe for excellent effort with her writing

5HM            Olivia for an amazing diary entry form the perspective of the crocodile in I Crocodile

                     Leja for an amazing pyramid completed for her homework

6VdB            Sahil for sharing mature and insightful thoughts about the 8 rights on Buddhism

                      Marsel for thoughtful contributions and enthusiasm in science discussions

6JM              Calvin for showing a really good understanding of fractions in maths

                      Devon for using a historical source well to discover more about the shoe industry in Wellingborough

Friday 23rd October 2020

3JW                     Finlay for suggesting and utilizing in his work, superb emotive language in English

                             Wojciech  for continually being an outstanding, polite young man.  An absolute pleasure to teach!

3JD                       Dinesh  for showing great scientific knowledge and showing a mature approach to his learning

Sophia for fantastic discussion, exploration and work looking at Roman social classes

4VT                      Jessica for outstanding improvement in attitude and learning and excellent effort in tennis

Ethan for amazing improvements in attitude and behaviour for learning in all areas

4KY/SM              Tyler  for an excellent attitude in all lessons, particularly in maths this week

Rayyan  for trying hard in all his lessons and thinking of adventurous vocabulary to improve his   writing

5DF                      Kadesha for amazing skill and tactical awareness in tag rugby sessions

Olivia  for awesome scientific thinking when exploring insulators and conductors

5HM                    William for an amazing death mask created as part of his homework

Isabella for super work on the importance of farming in Ancient Egypt

6VdB                    Sorin  for a super impressionist style painting for our hall display

Rhys  for showing good empathy and understanding of different character’s feeling with Hansel and Gretal

6JM                      Harrison for being a great help in computing and showing an enthusiastic approach in his science

Robyn  for super topic work, locating shoe factories using Google street view


Friday 16th October 2020


3JW        Shlok for superb use of prepositional phrases when writing about where to find a dragon

                Iris  for always being ready to learn, eager and for always having a gorgeous smile on her way into school. She                                                                             always brightens my day!

3JD          Charlie for making great choices and showing great knowledge about Plants in science

                 Amelia for being a wonderful part of 3JD, extremely diligent and producing excellent work in English

4VT           Irfan for excellent effort and though when using inference in reading

                 Bethany  for demonstrating superb resilience and using prior learning in her maths

4KY/SM   Jazil for being a fantastic team mate in PE, helping others and making sure everyone succeeds

                 Codrin for a superb effort in his maths this week

5DF          Holly  for being an all-round superstar and producing work to a consistently high standard

                 Vrisha  for amazing participation and demonstration in drumming

5HM        Nathan  for fantastic teamwork and perseverance in our perimeter work in finding the  smallest  perimeter possible

                 Nicola  for fantastic teamwork and perseverance in our perimeter work in finding the smallest perimeter possible

6VdB        Ola  for her work on improper and mixed numbers and on comparing fractions

                  William  for good application in his science work

6JM          Justin for making an excellent working switch in science

                  Toby  for making an excellent working switch in science


Friday 9th October 2020


3JW              Khadeejah for a superb piece of advice to George with regards to the naughty dragons in English

                      Amelia for excellent engagement, participation and focus in RWI. Superb role model!

3JD                William for making a great transition to PJS and improving his focus, listening and attitude to learning

                      Sienna for striving to improve herself each and every day and always doing her best

4VT               Sinomtha for outstanding input and work in her RE lessons

                      Rainer for having the most amazing work ethic and highest standard of work

4KY/SM        Abigail for using some fantastic vocabulary in her Gruffalo inspired story

                      Ollie for a fabulous Willow Pattern design that shows great brush control and skill

5DF               Zofia for an excellent diary entry on her Egyptian experience

                      Julia for an excellent diary entry on her Egyptian experience

5HM             Blazej for an incredibly well written introduction to his own version of a story

                      Najila for a super bar graph and discussion about the importance of height at Disney World

6VdB             Jamie for amazing focus during instruction writing

                      Vicki for her enthusiasm and total engagement in science

6JM               Blake for taking pride in his English ‘The Mill’ writing

                       Athishan for his determination to improve his vocabulary knowledge in English


Friday 2nd October 2020


3JW               Srestha for a superb emotive letter to the pussycat from the perspective of the owl

                      Nadia for commitment, engagement and perseverance in maths on place value

3JD                Karis-May for always striving to do her best in all subjects, all of the time

                      Jake for making great steps in Year 3 not only in maths, but all subjects

4VT               Frankie for excellent understanding and use of fronted adverbials in The Gruffalo

                      Tanya for settling straight back into school and using her outstanding attitude to work to achieve fantastically

4KY/SM        Shrina for a brilliantly presented non-chronological report about an endangered animal

                      Dexter for great contributions to a Pobble activity in our reading session

5DF               Elizabeth for consistently hard work and excellent behaviour

                      Albert for consistently hard work and excellent behaviour

5HM             TJ for showing excellent resilience in his angles work and never giving up

                     Carmen for showing a brilliant understanding of levers and pulleys in Science

6VdB            Ariana for beautiful colour mixing during our impressionist art session

                     Omiyah for a super shoe doll diary, writing in role

6JM              Mason for verbalizing his working out so well in maths

                      Evie for creating in depth questions to find out more about a character


Friday 25th September 2020


3JW               Abi for awesome application, knowledge and skills shown in maths and PE

                      Keira for immersing herself into Park’s ethos and for being a superb role model

3JD                Lionel for being an exemplary student and developing a mature approach to his learning

                      Freya for showing great focus and listening in each and every lesson and being a role model for the class

4VT               Michelle for settling back in so very well and sharing her constant positivity with everyone

                      Jisto for having an amazing attitude to learning and always giving his best

4KY/SM        Hussain for fantastic effort and participation in all his work

                      Sophie for superb art work in her story board of the Rama and Sita story

5DF               Keerthi for both excellent effort and producing excellent work in English

                      Daisy for both excellent effort and producing excellent work in English

5HM             Minte for an incredible non-chronological report on Gorillas

                      David for superb scientific observations in our lesson on air resistance

6VdB             Zaid for good recall scientific vocabulary

                      Aleeyah for creating a beautifully made shoe doll by precisely following her plan

6JM               Gabija for approaching maths investigations logically and persevering until she solves the problem

                      Darcy for a super diary entry based on the Shoe Doll


Friday 18th September 2020


3JW                   Thomas for being and amazing, mature, responsible and caring young man to al his peers

                           Lukass  for bravely embracing all aspects of our school and for constantly being a ray of sunshine, with his smile in the                                      classroom 

3JD                    Freya for wonderful writing in her first English lesson.  Beautiful presentation and excellent use of conjunctions

                          Hayden  for 100% effort in all tasks, great participation in everything he does and inquisitive use of questioning 

4VT                    Aarushan  for settling in amazingly well and his kind and thoughtful nature

                           Sarah for her consistently positive attitude and support of others, particularly Miss Townson 

4KY/SM             Nyla for being enthusiastic and helpful at all times

                           Darsh for superb use of vocabulary in his bubble writing 

5DF                    Gino  for an excellent start to the year and showing a great attitude and effort

                           Charlie  for settling in well and working hard during lessons 

5HM                   Daniel  for having a never give up attitude and trying super hard in everything he does

                            Lexi  for being incredibly supportive and helpful to her peers 

6VdB                  Ellesse  for neat and accurate drawings of shadows in science

                            Cory  for a super creative shoe doll design 

6JM                     Jake for a fabulous and detailed shoe doll design

                            Lois  for showing good perseverance and determination in a maths investigation


Friday 13th March 2020

3JW                    Sarah for her awesome book character potato creation on World Book Day

                            Bethany for consistently pushing herself especially at the Matrix gymnastics in Irthlingborough

3JD                     Tia for constructing a medical box in DT and working responsibly and diligently with their team

                            Zain for constructing a medical box in DT and working responsibly and diligently with their team

4LB/NM             Lexi for being a consistently good role model and friend to all. She works hard in all her lessons and is a supportive learning                                      partner

                            Dylan for having a conscientious attitude to his learning and developing accuracy and reasoning skills in Maths

4VT                      Olivia for asking amazing questions to ensure that she fully understands in all areas

                            Miles for superb effort to use a range of literary features in his Titanic story

5DF                     Zaid for great progress in his maths

                            Oksar for great progress and understanding in reading

5HM                    April for a huge change in attitude to all of her learning, but particularly her maths

                             Justin for a superb understanding of translation in maths

6VdB                    Nishi for supporting Mrs McMahon to teach a Hindi song to the whole school

                             Ria for supporting Mrs McMahon to teach a Hindi song to the whole school

6JM                      Chloe for showing huge commitment to the booster sessions she has been given this term

                             Zahir for writing a great narrative and embedding dialogue successfully to create a tension building

Friday 6th March 2020

3JW                    Mia for her positivity, determination and resilience in all subject areas!  Keep it up!

                            Miller for exceptional participation, drive and focus in his reading, Lexia and spellings.  An outstanding chap!

3JD                     Darsh for constantly striving to improve himself, particularly in maths

                            Magdalena for creating a well-structured story based on “Heart in a Bottle”

4LB/NM             Navia for working hard in maths to challenge herself and growing in confidence

                            Carmen for continual great effort and amazing writing

4VT                     Gracjan for brilliant effort and self-correction when labelling the features of a river

                            Tzahi for superb attitude and effort to understand in maths

5DF                     Aleeyah for a great piece of writing with a variety of literary features

                            Cory for always setting an excellent example of behaviour is class

5HM                    Eva for an awesome setting description based on our English book ‘Tuesday’

                             Nabila for amazing gymnastic skills during our Pacesetters session

6VdB                    Astin for writing a short story using a range of sentences

                             Johno for pertinent, thoughtful responses within the magistrates workshop

6JM                      Julia for always trying her best in all areas of the curriculum

                             Grisha for a beautifully presented and detailed set of homework from term 3


Friday 14th February 2020


3JW                    Michelle for continually producing beautifully presented homework and an excellent replica of a cast and trace fossil

                            Balikis for a stunning piece of English writing on the theme of ‘the heart of the bottle’

3JD                     Abigail for creating an outstanding sketch inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe

                            Tyler for striving to improve himself particularly his reading in and out of school

4LB/NM             Rhys for continued self-belief and challenging himself in maths

                           Aydin for growing confidence and resilience, which is helping him to focus in lessons

4VT                    Vrisha for consistently having an outstanding attitude and effort within her learning

                           Gino for excellent work when solving money problems in maths

5DF                    Rian for great work in division, especially division rules

                           Rhys for great work in division particularly explaining his answers

5HM                   Harry for performing as ‘Tom’ brilliantly and confidently in our class assembly

                           Eva for a brilliantly written persuasive argument from the perspective of Young House

6VdB                  Monika for using high level writing techniques and adventurous word choices in her La Luna story

                           Rowan for amazing perseverance in all areas of learning, especially reading

6JM                    Joseph for good perseverance and a positive attitude within his typing skills

                           Teddy for his superb effort and creativity on his art work for the hall display



Friday 7th February 2020


3JW               Jisto for outstanding, thought provoking answers and explanations in RE

                       Sara for amazing predictions, opinions and inspiring discussion in our comprehension on the book ‘The Firemakers                                                     Daughter’         

3JD                 Imogen for improving herself each day and every lesson through hard work

                       Rayyan for great engagement in “Our Moving Earth” lessons including building a fab volcano

4LB/NM        Isabella for considering the events that led to the disaster and expressive writing in role as a passenger, in our linked learning                                   lessons about the Titanic

                       Saahiba for fabulous diary writing in our linked learning lesson about the Titanic

4VT                Jahvia for superb improvement in behaviour for learning

                       Zofia for an outstanding development of confidence and self-belief

5DF                Sorin for excellent effort in handwriting

                       Lily for making great improvements with her arithmetic

5HM               Jacob for making huge improvements in his presentation and handwriting

                       Jada for working brilliantly with another to create a stop-motion animation

6VdB              Taylan for a beautiful piece of art for our hall display

                        Kim for a stunning piece of art created for our hall display

6JM                 Mia for a superb short story written for homework

                        Roman for great improvements in his handwriting








Friday 31st January 2020


3JW               Keaton for an emotive descriptive shape poem in the style of a tornado

                      Akshar for amazing hand and eye coordination in cricket. Outstanding skills shown!

3JD                Codrin for great participation and discussion during lessons on Rocks and Natural Disasters and a good understanding of                                           the world around us

                      Tia for her ability to help and support others alongside being able to trust herself to do her best

4LB/NM       Alex for great focus in maths lessons and developing of problem solving with fractions

                      Ryan for showing self-belief in maths and making progress with his understanding of equivalent fractions

4VT               Elizabeth for fantastic effort to improve her formation and joins in her handwriting

                      Evie for managing to control and maintain her reactions when needed

5DF               Mylee for excellent effort in her handwriting and making noticeable improvements

                      Marsel for excellent effort in his handwriting and making noticeable improvements

5HM             Calvin for settling in beautifully to 5HM as if he was always there

                      Vanshi for excellent understanding of time and calculation time elapsed

6VdB             Harriet for sharing and articulating her thoughts really well during class discussion

                      Leon for applying his joined handwriting skills across other subjects

6JM              Jim for taking on board advice given to improve his maths skills

                      Lexi for great thinking in science on how animals adapt to their environments

Friday 24th January 2020

3JW                    Jessica for an outstanding attitude to all areas of her learning. She has been an exemplar student so far this term

                            Jamal for thought provoking discussions on our English text ‘the heart in the bottle’

3JD                     Nyla for always pushing herself whatever the activity and improving the presentation of her work

                            Rezwan for great participation in classroom discussions and always being confident to have his own opinion and viewpoint

4LB/NM             Blajez for being focussed in lessons and contributing good ideas especially in Maths when working with Roman numerals

                           Ava for enthusiastically learning about the events of the Titanic disaster and participating in great drama work in the lesson

4VT                     Harry for showing resilience and self-belief in maths

                           Michelle for outstanding attitude and effort in presenting mathematical information

5DF                    Savanna for a great piece of writing using personification

                           Omiyah for setting an excellent example of behaviour in class

5HM                  Gabija for excellent predicting work on our story ‘Cloud Tea Monkeys’

                          Evie for supporting others in the learning of their lines for our class assembly

6VdB                Matiss for using good reasoning skills in Science to explain his thoughts

                         Julia for always working hard and persevering within her maths lessons

6JM                  Adam for listening for advice on how to improve his work and acting on it

                         Ria super work on adding and subtracting fractions including solving some tricky problems



Friday 17th January 2020

3JW                    Jisto for completely being ready to learn, focused and totally immersed in his learning

                            Frankie for continued participation, focus and engagement in classroom discussion. He should also be commended for his                                        engagement in his Kinetic handwriting focus

3JD                     Zain for his focus and determination improving his Maths, presentation and reasoning

                            Mariya for planning and writing an engaging story about her brother, using great grammar and punctuation

4LB/NM             Maisy for listening well in maths and showing good understanding of area work through problem solving

                            Viola for showing confidence and enjoyment in our class topic work, sharing ideas and listening to others

4VT                      Daisy for her attitude and application in every area of her school life

                            Albert for an outstanding improvement in attitude to learning and really trying to push himself

5DF                     Jay for settling in well after Christmas and trying hard with his work

                            Joel for working hard and setting an excellent example for behaviour this week

5HM                   Alyssia for huge improvement in her handwriting and presentation

                           Shreeya for super determination to improve her writing

6VdB                  Kyna for demonstrating good inference skills during reading sessions

                            Sophie for using excellent writing techniques within dialogue writing

6JM                     Jessica for superb work comparing fractions

                            Shaileize for good attitude and approach to all work


Friday 13th December 2019

3JW                   Hayley for her determination and commitment to her work on time in Maths

                           Sinomtha for her intonation, clarity and excellent reading skills in English and our Year 3 performance

3JD                     Dhruvi for impressive attitude to her learning and listening.  Great focus in DT including doing a  running  stitch

                            Darsh for being an all-round superstar but in particular r excelling in his part of the school production

4LB/KY               Jacob for making a fantastic effort with learning his times tables

                           Olivia for growing in confidence in class and contributing more frequently and sharing her thoughts more confidently

4VT                    Miles for an outstanding piece of writing about a Viking battle

                           Zoe for superb attitude to learning and focus within all lessons

5SM                  Jay for demonstrating a mature attitude in class and really focusing on his learning

                          Omiyah for working hard to catch up on work she has missed to produce a well thought out non- chronological report

5HM                 Justin for a brilliantly written newspaper report on Apollo 13

                          Harrison for keeping his head up and persevering through everything the week has thrown at him

6VdB                Leo for using fabulous skills in negative and positive number problem solving

                         Nishi for amazing motivation and success in higher level Maths

6JM                  Safeer for great information writing skills to present his ‘Tongo lizard’

                          Nicholas for super conscientious approach to all of his learning


Friday 6th December 2019


3JW                   Sebastian for his outstanding commitment and engagement in all aspects of his learning and also for outstanding homework too

                           Harrison for fantastic verbal reasoning answers given in our reading focus on the tunnel

3JD                     Dev for enthusiastically launching himself into writing a newspaper report about Pompeii

                           Hussain for taking on a challenging role in the school production and learning his part so well

4LB/KY               Carmen for contributing brilliantly in lessons and sharing her wealth of knowledge with the class

                           Viola for excellent effort in maths and showing a good understanding of formal written multiplication

4VT                    Dominik for outstanding efforts to improve his attitude to learning and achievement

                           Holly for demonstrating great resilience and determination when multiplying larger numbers

5SM                   Sasha for doing fantastically well with her lines for our class assembly and confidently adding actions to them

                           Vicki  for superb concentration and commitment to playing a tricky part in our Samba fun performance

5HM                   Aman for excellent participation in our Samba drums performance leading the Agogo bell brilliantly

                            Darcy for a fantastically written newspaper report on Apolla 13

6VdB                  Kate for always working incredibly hard in all maths lessons and pushing herself to be the best mathematician she can be

                            Ria for fantastic reasoning work with her maths lesson

6JM                    Rasheedatu for being a true spelling super star

                            Katherine for always putting 100% effort in to all she does


Friday 29th  November 2019


3JW                   Irfan for being an outstanding, exemplar student who is always willing to challenge himself

                            Noah for engaging and immersing himself into every aspect of his learning especially maths

3JD                     Marcel for gaining confidence in classroom discussion and striving in all areas

                            Keris for fantastic behaviour, always ready to learn and helping her class mates and Mr Draper

4LB/KY               Luca for making a great effort to learn his lines, which he delivered perfectly for our class assembly

                            Lexi for showing great courage and participating brilliantly as part of the cross country team, even though she was nervous about it

4VT                     Kadesaha for an outstanding demonstration of skills in gymnastics to support her peers

                            Evie for excellent skills and understanding shown in gymnastics, especially when supporting her peers

5SM                    Laura for a fantastic attitude in PE, showing great listening and  taking on board advice to show impressive footballing skills

                            Daiyan for working really hard to learn lines for the class assembly and performing them confidently in rehearsals

5HM                   Toby for a brilliantly presented bar graph on the hours of sunlight in the day

                            Robyn for improving a simple sentence incredibly, using a variety of writing features

6VdB                   Johno for consistent hard work in reading lessons and contributing well to class discussion

                            Amy for always taking pride in her work and for being a model year 6 student

6JM                     Simone for using new skills in gymnastics to create a super routine

                             Abigail for a fabulous nonsense poem


Friday 22nd November 2019


3JW                   Mikaeel for his positivity, determination and ‘his ready to learn attitude’ in all subject areas

                            Lily for excellent intonation and fluency shown in her class reading and comprehension activities

3JD                     Ollie for making good progress in maths, particularly on statistics with bar charts

                           Magdalena for learning about newspaper reports and overall excellence

4LB/KY              Lily-Rose for showing off her amazing knowledge on our trip to Holdenby House and answering lots of questions brilliantly

                           Shreya for showing off her amazing  knowledge on our trip to Holdenby House and answering lots of questions brilliantly

4VT                    Alice for excellent effort to work at greater depth in work on time

                           Charlie for making every effort to improve his writing and understanding

5SM                   Sophia for a superb effort, self-belief and positive attitude towards improving her writing

                           Noah for a fantastic setting description using lots of great writing features, in English

5HM                  Eva for sheer grit, determination and never give up attitude in her swimming

                           Jacob for excellent determination and researching skills to find out how Tutankhamun died

6VdB                  Daisy for always giving 110%, resulting in fabulous high level work

                           Leelund for working hard to up-level his writing and always eager to try his best

6JM                    Sammy for super enthusiasm and hard work during reading lessons

                            Harvey for showing great focus and use of reasoning skills in his maths


Friday 18th October 2019


3JW                   Aarushan for his engagement and discussion in our reading comprehension lessons

                            Miller for being so engaged and thoroughly immersed in his maths on measuring prehistoric dinosaurs in the playground

3JD                     Jazil for fantastic singing during Harvest rehearsals and positive praise from teaching staff

                           Shrina for always being ready to listen, learn and try her absolute best

4LB/KY               Minte for showing a good understanding of calculating in maths this week

                           Najila for persevering in maths lessons and gaining a good grasp of calculating in maths this week

4VT                    Ella for never giving up and achieving amazing results in addition and subtraction

                           Mateusz for an amazing model of an Anderson shelter as part of his new homework

5SM                   Mylee for a positive and enthusiastic attitude to all her learning, especially reading

                           Marsel for producing a fantastic image of a Hobbit house in reading sessions, using quotes from the story to support his ideas

5HM                  Blake for creating his own investigation on the germination of plants and asking super questions

                           Allan for completing a superb tomb linking to area and perimeter and out topic on Ancient Egypt

6VdB                  Mai for being very caring and kind to a friend

                           Mason for consistently working  hard in English including trying out new vocabulary in his writing

6JM                   Jayden for fabulous focus resulting in great success with his typing skills

                          Grace for showing great scientific enquiry skills and a real drive to do well



Friday 11th October 2019


3JW                   Vincent for his amazing discussion and sequencing work in his reading focus

                          Tanya for her research using an iPad on daily life in Rome and for showing this information  in her computing skills lessons on creating                                 an informative poster

3JD                     Sophie for making fantastic progress in maths and classroom discussions

                           Mahir for settling in Park so well and his focus in all subjects

4LB/KY              Nicola for always showing curiosity and enthusiasm in our lessons about WW2 and asking some fabulous questions

                          TJ for excellent use of his calculation skills in maths this week

4VT                   Mateusz for outstanding use of inference and retrieval when reading

                          Sienna for superb partner skills and self-belief in topic

5SM                  Zaid for always trying his best and being enthusiastic within all lessons

                          Frankie for always being ready to answer questions and for making excellent contributions in class discussions

5HM                  Lois for a fantastic piece of writing based on Gorilla

                          Mason for superb dedication to learning his spellings and smashing his weekly test

6VdB                 Eddie for fabulous use of language in his Mill story

                          Ernie for super enthusiasm and application in lessons across the board

                          Chamia  for being very responsible during our baking session and seeing the whole process through by helping with the washing and                                   tidying at the end

6JM                  Grisha for a fabulous start to Year 6 showing a mature attitude to all her learning

                          Ernie super enthusiasm and application in lessons across the board

                          Luke for an amazing oil pastel in the style of the artist

                          Christian for showing excellent baking skills and a very sensible attitude when baking our Welsh cakes


Friday 27th September 2019


3JW               Larson for excellent understanding shown on place value reasoning challenges

                      Amelia for a clear precise instructional text on how to grow a baked beanstalk

3JD                Rudra for making good choices and improved focus

                      Shania for always participating and extending herself in Maths

4LB/KY         Daniel for making excellent contributions in our topic lessons and sharing his thoughts

                      Leja for drawing an excellent portrait in the style of Picasso in preparation for our hall display

4VT               Keerthi for an outstanding and emotive bubbles story

                      Olivier for an amazing ‘can do’ attitude in all his work

5SM              Ariana for showing courage and perseverance and making huge progress in a short time in swimming

                      Rhys for using powerful vocabulary to grab the reader’s attention within his writing

5HM             Devon for excellent participation in our first samba drums session

                      Amelia for fantastic sentence building in our English lessons

6VdB            Charlie for showing excellent perseverance skills when creating his shoe doll

                      Lily-Mai for super reasoning skills during our numbered cubes activity

6JM              Luke for a creative and innovative shoe doll

                      Isobel for excellent reasoning skills shown in our numbered cubes activity


Friday 4th October 2019


3JW              Rainer for thought provoking construction of scientific questions in Science on the theme of light

                      Ethan for superb engagement, discussion and inference skills shown in his reading session

3JD               Neveah for creating a well-planned fictional story during English

                     Tyler for much improved listening and always participating with class discussions

4LB/KY         Ellie-May for demonstrating great thinking skills in Science lessons

                      Maisie for settling in brilliantly to the school and always working her absolute best in lessons

4VT               Julia for an outstanding effort when writing a newspaper article about James’ parents

                      Michal for not giving up in Maths and making a great improvement

5SM              Manha for working extremely hard to improve her writing and including lots of great features

                      William for applying great editing skills to up-level the vocabulary he is using when writing

5HM             Lilli for a fantastic understanding of angles and use of a protractor

                      Tor for always being ready to learn and the first one on task


Friday 20th September 2019


3JW                   Jessica for immersing herself into Park’ ethos and for having the courage to attempt all new  challenges

                            Jotham for superb engagement, discussion and focus in all lessons.  An outstanding young man!

3JD                     Karlos for always trying his absolute best regards of the task and subject

                            Natalia for settling very well into Park Junior School

4LB/KY               Kesini for excellent descriptive sentences in English

                           William for always listening and trying his best in all lessons

4VT                    Olivia for continuing to develop her confidence when speaking in class

                           Clayton for having an outstanding attitude to learning in every single lesson

5SM                  Joel for always making the right choices, listening well and making a fantastic start to Year 5

                          Ellesse for challenging herself with her work and having a fantastically positive attitude to her learning

5HM                 Ben for fantastic language choice in our English sessions

                          April for supporting her peer during our science session on the different parts of a plant

6VdB                Noah for sharing super scientific knowledge on light

                          Kareem for taking on board advice given to improve his writing

6JM                  Chloe for imaginative vocabulary in her fantasy writing

                          Zarrin for showing super determination in her Year 6 lessons so far this year


Friday 5th July



4LB/KY         Devon for making a great improvement with his knowledge of calculating fractions of amounts

                     Justin for showing amazing enthusiasm and interest in our lessons about the Ancient Greek Gods

4HS              Ariana for always taking on board feedback to improve her work

                     Rhys for always contributing such thoughtful and interesting ideas

5VT              Simone for constantly achieving well in everything she does

                     Leo for area and perimeter work

5SM            Ria for going above and beyond in her homework activities all year and putting the maximum amount of effort in to every                                lesson

                    Charlie for challenging himself in his maths work and persevering with more difficult tasks

6VdB           Abid for his enthusiastic approach and participation in all Year 6 activities

                     Lucy for a fabulous performance in all events at the Quad Kids competition

6JM             Shumaya for her enthusiasm in gardening club

                     Andreja for her positive attitude to her transition to her new secondary school



Friday 28th June 2019



3JW               Albert for his newspaper report on Beowulf’s death and sacrifice

                      Alice for her work, discussion and engagement on equivalent fractions in Math’s

3HM              Blazej for showing excellent courage in our first swimming lesson

                      Leja for fantastic participation in our science lessons on forces

4LB/KY          Gabija for excellent effort in her reading lessons and showing us what she is capable of

                      Aman for amazing work in arithmetic and improving his accuracy

4HS               Noah for an incredible biography about the life of Alex Rider

                      Sasha for putting a huge amount of effort into learning times tables

5VT               Nazneen for amazing descriptive writing

                      Joseph for impressive work on area and perimeter of rectangular shapes

5SM              Rasheedatu for a superbly written balanced argument

                      Chloe for a great balanced argument about fox hunting

6VdB             Oliver for his amazing enthusiasm and attitude towards our team activities this week

                       Amelia for her cool and calm approach to a variety of team activities this week

6JM               Shakeel for fantastic team work during our ‘create a game’ project and economics game

                      Oliwia for her calm and kind manner during our team activities this week



Friday 14th June 2019


3JW               Keesha for her Anglo Saxon helmet creation

                     Olivia  for her amazing focus, determination and engagement in Math’s

3HM               Ellie-May for excellent descriptive language when describing a setting

                     Viola for overcoming hurdles and having the courage to keep going even when things seem too much

4LB/KY           Athishan for an excellent knowledge of how to divide using a formal written method

                     Aimee for showing great skill and putting in 100% effort in our tennis lesson

4HS               Frankie for settling in amazingly in Year 4 and contributing answers with so much confidence

                     Ellesse for really pushing herself to achieve her potential in Maths

5VT               Adam for working hard to improve confidence in all areas of school

                    Nikola for taking the necessary steps to focus and improve concentration in lessons

5SM              Jessica for fantastic work on area and perimeter in Maths

                    Mason for a huge improvement in his attitude in every lesson and persevering with tasks he finds difficult

6VdB             Georgia for a good insight into Anne Frank’s life

                    Kiera for good problem solving in Maths

6JM               Kishan for a wonderfully creative ‘lost thing’ for our art display

                    Charlie for thoughtful and insightful comments about our Anne Frank’s diary work


Friday 24th May 2019 


3JW               Daisy for her agility, participation and presenting in gymnastics

                     Zofia for her continued self-belief and engagement in maths

3HM               Lily-Rose for a superb illustration based on her own character description

                     Navia for applying her knowledge of the grid method to solve reasoning problems

4LB/KY           Lilli for excellent precision, skill and teamwork when sewing in our Jigsaw lesson

                    Jacob for excellent effort and perseverance with improving his presentation in all lessons

4HS               Sa’rai for a brilliant attitude towards learning her times tables

                    Joel for working really hard to develop his writing

5VT               Kate for superb work with fractions, decimals and percentages

                    Julia for a fabulous written piece after the Year 5 trip

5SM              Nishi for persevering with fractions work at home to improve her understanding

                    Grace for a creative information leaflet about Harry Potter studios

6VdB             Reece for his enthusiastic approach to recent work and gardening club

                    Alfie for amazing perseverance in the run up to and during SATS week

6JM              Javir for his positive attitude and approach to everything he does

                    Moyrum for her consistent perseverance across all areas of learning





Friday 17th May 2019 


3JW               Michelle for an awesome information leaflet, in Publisher, on the Anglo Saxons

                     Kadesha for an outstanding performance at the gymnastics tournament

3HM              Luca for learning his lines brilliantly for our class assembly

                     Lexi for a superb leaflet on the Anglo Saxons and then producing a super final copy using Publisher

4LB/LY           April for having a fantastic attitude towards her learning in all lessons

                     Jada for excellent effort and perseverance with learning her times tables

4HS               Aleeyah for amazing progress in maths and having a really positive attitude

                     Jay for the most amazing focus and participation in every single thing he does

5VT               Lily-Mai for outstanding work and understanding when multiplying fractions

                     Chamia for a superbly written character description about the dementor

5SM               Monika for a superb, descriptive and engaging character description

                     Julia for a creative piece of writing with superb vocabulary choices



Friday 10th May 2019


3JW                Harry for fantastic modelling of how to bowl a cricket ball

                       Holly for an informative leaflet on the Anglo Saxons and a detailed map on planning an  Anglo Saxon settlement

3HM               TJ for breaking through his can’t do barrier and persevering to produce a super leaflet on the Anglo Saxons

                       Alex for reading his lines for our class assembly with expression, intonation and lots of gusto

4LB/KY          Toby for always putting in 100% effort which is being reflected brilliantly in his work

                       Shreeya for excellent use of  fronted adverbial phrases in her written work

4HS                 Lily for always putting so much thought and care into her work both in school and at home

                       Ben for taking great pride in his work and showing huge improvements to his presentation

5VT                Julia for an outstanding performance of his own poetry creation in front of the class

                       Matiss for having the courage and attitude to created and perform his own poem

5SM                Jim for a well-written and informative biography

                       Roman for superbly confident work converting between fractions, decimals and percentages

6VdB               Ben for showing and ability to edit and improve his writing to take his Journey story to the next level

                       Freddy for enthusiasm and determination shown in all of his maths sessions

6JM                  Laila for her original take on a Lowry cityscape

                       Isabel for outstanding effort in all areas of her work


Friday 3rd May 2019


3JW               Daisy for wonderful contributions to a class discussion on empathy

                      Keesha for wonderful contributions to a class discussion on empathy

3HM              Olivia for demonstrating excellent skills in place finding in a Creative Curriculum sessions using maps

                      Jacob for excellent work on symmetry and 2D shape

4LB/KY         Evie for making a fantastic effort and persevering to learn her times tables

                      Vanshi for always putting in 100% effort in every single lesson

4HS               Ola for always being an amazing support to others

                      Vicki for an amazing RE presentation for homework

5VT                Tequan for superb effort and progress in maths

                      Ria for continuous development and improvement of higher level writing skills

5SM               Leon for a fantastic effort to improve his times tables knowledge

                      Daisy for confident work and subtracting fractions and challenging herself with her answers

6VdB              Kai for designing a great working switch in science

                      Livia for designing a great working switch in science

6JM               Aaliyah for amazing visualisation of shape and their movement

                      Medas for a superb opening paragraph in his story—The Journey



Friday 5th April 2019


4LB/KY        Darcy for an improved and much clearer understanding of time

                    Aman for demonstrating excellent precision and skill in our table tennis lesson

4HS              Oskar for always being such a creative member of the class and putting exceptional effort  into learning log                                   tasks

                    Sadhvika for being such a hard working and friendly member of the class who gives her all to whatever she                                   does

5VT              Jayden for outstanding effort and achievement in his handwriting and attitude to learning

                    Mai for excellent use of a variety of sentences to create and effect

5SM             Teddy for fantastic engagement and group work when investigating in Science

                    Mia for great scientific thinking and explanations in her Science work

6VdB           Oratile for effective descriptive writing

                    Hassan for working hard to solve greater depth maths challenges

6JM              Keira for fabulous descriptive writing using powerful vocabulary to create atmosphere

                    Jamie for being an enchanting gentlemen, always willing to help


Friday 29th March 2019


3JW        Evie for her enthusiasm and great delivery of her words in our class assembly

               Jahvia for his improved attitude, determination to impress and succeed in all lessons

3HM        David for excellent perseverance in our roamers lesson

               Nimay for overcoming hurdles and de-bugging his roamer effectively

4LB/KY   Eva for writing excellent descriptive sentences using personification

                Ben for demonstrating a much improved and mature approach to his learning

4HS          Noah for superb improvement to his focus and application in reading sessions

                William for working incredibly hard to improve the content of his writing

5VT           Noah for outstanding effort and improvement in his inference

                Sammy for superb attitude and efforts to improve reading discussion

5SM         Grisha for a fantastic style for writing in her newspaper article

                Taylan for a superb attitude towards his learning

6VdB        Logan for using initiative in his role as an assembly monitor

                Jorgee-Li for a fabulous tree house design as part of her homework

6JM          Sam for applying himself well within his reading booster group and making great progress

                Hir for a super model tree house created for her homework


Friday 22nd March 2019


3JW       Charlie for his perseverance in designing and constructing an emergency aid box in Design Technology                                        Elizabeth for outstanding sportsmanship, determination and agility in games

3HM      Shreya for a superb non-chronological report on vicious volcanoes

              Maisy for creating a fantastic non-chronological report on Tsunamis

4LB/KY Mason for making excellent effort and progress in his swimming lessons

              Lois for growing in confidence and demonstrating excellent perseverance skills in Maths

4HS       Zaid for amazing progress in swimming and sharing his ideas in class

              Savanna for an amazing approach to here learning and showing

5VT        Harriet for outstanding involvement and interest when researching New Zealand for creative curriculum

              Ernie for superb, interest, interaction and commitment when working with the author Sean Callery and subsequently                     on our book

5SM       Safeer for a significant improvement in his attitude to learning

              Abigail for an interesting and informative biography in Science

6VdB      Chid for great progress in Maths due to improved accuracy

              Azraf for exceptional progress in all areas of his learning

6JM       Araf for working hard to produce and informative fact file on the Amazon Rainforest

              Shumaya for writing an outstanding balanced discussion about whether animals should be kept in animal parks


Friday 15th March 2019


3JW       Dominik for his determination and superb engagement in Math’s on capacity

              Clayton for his amazing perseverance in Maths and for representing our class in the pancake race

3HM       Alex for making huge improvements in his handwriting and graduating from our handwriting sessions

              Saahiba for a superb poem written on the Iron Man using phenomenal techniques

4LB/KY  Eva for demonstrating a more mature and independent approach towards her learning

              Robyn for making great progress with her writing since finishing the RWI programme

4HS       Joel for amazing effort with swimming and never giving up

              Marsel for outstanding improvements to his presentation and taking such pride in what he does

5VT        Astin for outstanding effort to improve his presentation and content in writing

              Kate for excellent evidence of both proof reading and editing her writing

5SM       Johno for continued perseverance and great attitude across all areas of the curriculum

              Chloe for confident work and Maths on reflection and translation of shapes

6VdB      Benji for an improved attitude to learning in Maths and reading.  Keep it up!

              Robyn for a brilliant T-shirt design on our value of perseverance

6JM        Dhyan for always working hard to strive for success within all aspects of his learning

              Carmel for superb effort and a positive attitude to all aspects of her learning



Friday 8th March 2019


3JW        Albert for his enthusiasm, questioning and total immersion into the area of fossils in Science

              Julia for her determination and drive to succeed in the area of statistics in Maths

3HM       Isabella for fantastic understanding of weight using great estimates and use of scales to check

              Ryan for superb perseverance in Basketball and really improving his dribbling skills

4LB/KY  Blake for showing amazing perseverance when creating an origami crane

              Harry for showing responsibility and co-operation when helping with jobs around the classroom

4HS        Sorin for amazing presentation of data in Science using ICT

               Rhys for thoughtful and accurate work in DT when creating bridges

5VT         Isabel for outstanding use of literacy features and linking in her non-chronological report

               Shaileize for superb improvement of attitude to learning and not giving up in division

5SM        Grace for a fantastic and detailed story about an old house

               Eddie for applying his Scratch skills and persevering to create on Scratch in his own time

6VdB      Aveline for an outstanding fact file on the rainforest

               Michelle for a very creative leaflet on the rainforest

6JM        Yashvi for putting a huge amount of effort into her learning log, especially her Maths

               Daniel for showing commitment to all challenges given to him


Friday 15th February 2019


3JW        Ella for her amazing focus, determination and continued outstanding behaviour for learning in all subject areas

              Holly for excellent understanding and independent skills shown in ICT in the area of power point

3HM       Nicola for showing perseverance in Maths and producing a brilliant bar graph

              Carmen for a beautiful piece of art work on Tsunamis in the style of Hokusai

4LB/KY  Alyssia for becoming a more confident member of the class and showing this through her contributions to all lessons

4HS        Jamie for amazing improvements to his writing and really taking on board learnt techniques Omiyah for always                             ensuring her work is of the very highest standard and taking such pride in all she does

5VT        Amy for always choosing the appropriate way to behave and consistently putting 100% effort into everything she does

              Nicholas for always choosing the appropriate way to behave and consistently putting 100% effort into everything he                     does

5SM        Mia for a superb non-chronological report, beautifully presented on Publisher about Japan

              Monika for a fantastic and detailed non-chronological report about Poland

6VdB      Oliver for an improved attitude to learning

              Lily for fabulous writing showing emotions through well chosen vocabulary

6JM        Sam for working hard to edit and improve his work

              Shakeel for a well-structured discussion text


Friday 8th February 2019


3JW       Vrisha for an awesome alternative ending to the true story of the three little pigs

              Gracjan for a superb piece of writing in RWI

3HM      Ava for a fantastic piece of homework on our science topic rocks

             Dylan for a brilliant understanding of Scratch and being able to turn his English writing into animation

4LB/KY Afan for demonstrating amazing co-operation skills and being a trusted member of the class in PE lessons

             Tor for always putting 100% effort and enthusiasm into his learning at home which compliments his learning in class

4HS       Rian for outstanding work in gymnastics and persevering to achieve amazing outcomes

             Ellesse for superb work in Maths when calculating using a range of methods

5VT       Ernie for an outstanding performance in the class assembly, showing real commitment

             Leelund for superb efforts to improve his writing and include a variety of features

5SM      Nishi for some very interesting research in to India during English lessons

             Safeer for persevering well to find fractions of amounts in Maths

6VdB    Amana for being a superstar in Mrs McMahon’s reading group

            Aryan for being our class expert within the Hinduism R.E topic and for supporting his classmates within their learning

6JM     Tommy for showing good enthusiasm and clear presentation within his work on equivalent fractions in Maths

            Saffi for her enthusiastic approach and good contributions within all curriculum areas


Friday 1st February 2019


3JW        Sienna for her enthusiasm and skills shown in Badminton

                Gino for his persistent enthusiasm in RWI

3HM        Najila for fantastic perseverance in Maths and developing a great understanding of fractions

                Kesini for demonstrating some super dance moves in our PE lessons

4LB/KY   Eva for working extremely hard and trying her best to improve her spelling

               Jacob for excellent concentration and creating a beautiful collage in the style of Ted Harrison

4HS        Sahil for really thoughtful and knowledgeable approach to discussions in RE

               Manha for always giving an exceptional effort to all that she does, a prime example being our class assembly

5VT        Matiss for concentrating on his own work and doing his very best in all areas

               Christian for working hard and participating well in the Young Citizens day

5SM       Mason for working really hard to improve his handwriting

               Jim for including lots of description in his diary entry

6VdB     Reece for an insightful and thoughtful poem in PSHE

               Livia for being inquisitive and asking enquiring questions during topic

6JM        Rosie for outstanding fraction work

             Kyril for being a thoughtful and helpful member of Year 6


Friday 25th January 2019


3JW       Caleb for excellent adaptation to an inclusive sport!

              Michal for his continued determination in Math’s and his enthusiasm in our new topic area on natural disasters

3HM       Minte for a fantastic understanding of natural disasters and creating some beautiful drawings

              Daniel for fantastic understanding of multiplication and taking a logical approach to solving problems

4LB/KY  Shreeya for persevering and mastering a headstand in gymnastics sessions

               Eva for showing a good understanding of rounding and putting her reasoning skills to good use

4HS        Aleeyah for showing great pride and effort in her homework every week

              Cory for huge improvements to his reading and sharing his ideas brilliantly

5VT        Adam for outstanding effort and attitude in all lessons and continued developing confidence

              Julia for superb work to identify countries and cities on different maps in World’s Kitchen

5SM       Katherine for fantastic descriptive writing describing a setting

              Zahir for great work in maths, reading, writing and ordering number to 1,000,000

6VdB     Ben for working hard to edit and improve his writing

              Georgia for beautifully presented and creative science work on how fossils are made

6JM       Carmel for enthusiasm and effort during reading lessons

              Charlie for trying hard to improve his focus and attention in all lessons




Friday 18th January 2019


3JW       Zofia for her ‘I have a dream writing’ in English

              Olivia for her commitment and determination in learning the Ocarina in music

3HM       William for a brilliant grasp of the Ocarina and beginning to play well

              Leja for excellent participation in Badminton and demonstrating in front of the class brilliantly

4LB/KY Jacob for a fantastic start to the term and having increased focus and effort in lessons

              Devon for making huge improvements in his Maths lessons

4HS        Savanna for huge efforts to improve her focus in all sessions

              Laura for super effort to challenge herself to try higher level work in Maths

5VT         Kareem for excellent efforts to improve overall presentation and handwriting

              Julia for fabulous work to develop her understanding and confidence in Maths

5SM       Charlie for a fantastic effort to improve his handwriting

              Zarrin for fantastic shape work in Maths

6VdB      Robyn for showing increased confidence during Maths discussions

              Lucy for increased confidence and great progress in her Maths work

6JM       Railey for amazing progress in reading and Lexia

              Oliwia for good perseverance in Maths


Friday 7th December 2018


3JW        Alice  for her enthusiasm, use of intonation and passion shown in her role in the

               Christmas production

               Clayton for his outstanding drive, determination and continued all round positivity in all of his learning

3HM       Alex  for making huge improvements in his reading since the beginning of the year

               Shreya  for making huge improvement in her reading since the beginning of the year

4LB/KY   Mason  for making a fantastic effort to learn his times tables

                April  for excellent effort in PE lessons and perfecting her backwards roll

4HS         Sa’rai for awesome work with time in Maths lessons

               Daiyan  for putting loads of effort into his times tables

               Lily  for gaining so much confidence to answer and ask questions showing just what she is capable of

5VT        Kate  for showing outstanding thought, care and compassion for her peers at all times

              Lexi  for superb effort in her extended writing piece

5SM       Jessica  for fantastic and confident Maths work converting between grams and kilogram

              Eddie  for superb knowledge and engagement in Science lessons

6VdB      Benji  for showing an improvement in his English skills within dialogue writing

              Alfie  for terrific work on converting time

6JM       Kishan  for using his multiplication facts well to investigate volume

              Medas  for applying his knowledge of spelling rules to his writing

Friday 30th November 2018


3JW         Keesha for her excellent Roman myth from the perspective of the goose

               Miles for superb research and biography completion on Thomas Edison

3HM        Nimay  for excellent knowledge of his times tables and smashing our multiplication grid

               Daniel for excellent understanding of 2D shapes and their properties

4LB/KY   Justin  for making an excellent start with learning his times tables

               Alyssia  for having a mature approach and overcoming her nerves in class assembly

4HS         Ben  for always having a mature and independent approach to his learning and never giving up

               Lilli  for gaining so much confident to answer and ask questions, showing what she is capable of

5VT         Amy  for outstanding use of literary features in her persuasive leaflet

               Simone  for perseverance when dealing with Maths at greater depth

5SM        Kyna  for using her reading skills really well in our reading sessions

               Luke  for fantastic inference skills to show his understanding of a text

6VdB       Nadia  for a fabulous understanding of the text and its vocabulary in the reading sessions

               Micah  for showing great improvements in his reasoning skills during maths problem solving tasks

6JM         HIr  for using her maths knowledge to use effective strategies

               Yashvi  for her increasingly deeper understanding of the reasoning skills that she can use at greater depth level in                          Maths



Friday 23rd November 2018


3JW       Tzahi  for his awesome questioning, enthusiasm and engagement in English on Roman myths

              Keerthi  for her research on the Celt roundhouses and production of a leaflet

3HM       David  for a super retelling of a Roman myth from the point of view of Clio

              Viola  for showing incredible stamina and determination in our cross country trials

4LB/KY  Darcy  for fully immersing herself into character on our trip to Holdenby House

              Amelia  for demonstrating excellent skill and precision in gymnastics this week

5VT        Noah  for superb improvement in attitude to learning and fantastic effort to achieve

              Leo  for pushing himself to achieve even more within his Maths lesson

5SM       Roman  for challenging himself in Maths

              Ria  for challenging herself in Maths and applying a variety of skills to solve a problem

6VdB     Oskar  for taking pride in his writing and working hard to improve his skills

             Emma  for careful observation and sketching skills in topic

6JM       Daniel  for always working conscientiously and enthusiastically

             Shumaya  for rising to the challenge of Mrs May’s Maths group


Friday 16th November 2018


3JW        Mateusz  for his amazing motivation and ambition to succeed in all areas of his learning

              Michelle for her positivity, determination and terrific commitment to all areas of her work

3HM       Aydin  for an excellent story map, retelling a Roman myth

              Olivia  for excellent participation in our Market Place activity on Italian geography

4LB/KY  Blake for excellent participation of electrical circuits and use of scientific vocabulary

              Aman  for always putting 100% effort into his writing and wanting to be the very best he can

              Lois  for amazing use of descriptive language in her shape poem

              Toby for making excellent and relevant contributions to every lesson

4HS        Vicki  for asking awesome scientific questions and having an inquisitive and curious mind

              Sasha for always having the most amazing attitude to her learning

              Ariana  for engaging in awesome discussion about what she reads

              Sadhvika for really pushing herself to higher level work

5VT        Kimberly for outstanding improvement in working independently

              Harriet for consistent and amazing questioning and thinking skills

5SM       Julia  for a fantastic effort to learn her lines for our class assembly and for using great expression

              Abigail  for challenging herself in her work on area in Maths and achieving great success

6VdB      Keira  for excellent participation in Maths carpet time

              Amelia  for consistently trying hard in every session

6JM        Nieve  for not letting anything stand in her way in her pursuit of excellence

              Andreja  for demonstrating thoughtfulness and care for others




Friday 9th November 2018


3JW     Harry for his enthusiasm, engagement and constant enjoyment of RWI but also for his determination and commitment                   in ICT

            Olivier for his outstanding focus, questioning to further his understanding and for being such an exemplar pupil

3HM     Blazej for huge improvements in his presentation and handwriting

            Ava for an excellent comic strip based on The Twits

5VT      Astin  for outstanding effort and attitude to work on improving spelling

            Mai  for working incredibly hard to build her learning power and resilience

5SM     Harvey for consistently working hard in every lesson and challenging himself in Maths

            Monika for superb reasoning and problem solving in Maths lessons on perimeter

6VdB   Freddy  for his enthusiastic contribution within the magistrates workshop

           Lily  for clearly presented Maths work on squared and cubed numbers, resulting in accurate, thorough work

6JM    Javir for great understanding of coding, enabling him to support his friends whilst coding

           Freya for showing initiative by learning her tables at home, enabling her to improve her maths



Friday 2nd November 2018


3JW       Daisy for superb computing and work skills shown in ICT 

              Julia for her compassion, thoughtfulness and consistent regard of others. An exceptional young lady!

3HM       Maisy for creating an excellent revolting character and character description based on it

              Isabella for an excellent gladiator recount using descriptive language throughout

4LB/KY  Evie for demonstrating a mature approach to her work especially in group situations

              Jada for always trying her very best and following instructions awesomely

4HS        Oskar for incredible effort every week to produce homework of a very high standard

              Noah for huge effort to make his writing of a higher level

5VT        Shaileize for outstanding work and understanding in Science

              Sammy for superb effort to develop and improve his writing

5SM       Teddy for working really well co-operatively in computing to produce a great game in Scratch

              Taylan for working really well-co-operatively in computing to produce a great game in Scratch

6VdB      Hassan for good motivation to reach an answer in maths problem solving activities

              Aveline for a superb understanding of factors in Maths

6JM        Rosie for showing great resilience in computing work

              Laila for working hard to achieve her best in her writing



Friday 19th October 2018


3JW        Kadesha  for an excellent version of a story we have studied in English

               Evie for her creative homework of a clay fruit basked to symbolize harvest

3HM       Rhys for a fantastic Roman Numeral clock

               Ellie-May for superb perseverance in her Maths and nailing column addition

4LB/KY  Vanshi Patel for excellent understanding of how to solve problems using the inverse operation in Maths

               Athishan for demonstrating excellent skill and control in our hockey lesson

4HS        William for working so hard in all areas and always wanting to do his best

              Mylee for awesome Maths and always challenging herself

5VT        Tequan  for an outstanding attitude and belief in every single lesson, especially


              Ria for consistently amazing effort and understanding in all work including her

              Learning Log

5SM       Sophie for superb confident work balancing equations in Maths and explaining her thinking

              Rasheedatu for being and extremely helpful, reliable and responsible member the class

6VdB     Logan for a creative and colourful welly design

              Kai for perseverance during topic

6JM       Moyrum  for showing genuine care and kindness for her classmates

              Dhyan for sharing his amazing knowledge of different religions and cultures



Friday 12th October 2018


3JW        Zoe for an awesome piece of story writing in English

               Dominik  for an innovative, stunning piece of homework on languages

3HM       Saahiba  for creating her own version of ‘I’ll take you to Mrs Cole’

               Ryan  for excellent participation in Science and devising his own investigation

4LB/KY   Robyn  for an amazing effort with her writing in lessons this week

               Aimee  for writing an amazing biography about Alexander Graham Bell in Science

4HS         Joel  for always having the most amazing attitude to his learning and pushing himself to achieve the best he possibly                      can

               Jamie  for settling brilliantly into Year 4 and making great efforts to improve his writing

5VT         Nicholas for outstanding topic work

               Chamia  for all round awesome work all week

5SM       Grisha for great use of writing features in her report about gorillas

              Johno  for a fantastic effort to find missing digits in calculations in Maths

6VdB      Michelle for her brilliant work on ordering numbers to 3 decimal places

              Aryan for giving superb mathematical explanations to prove the he didn’t fall for Mrs May’s maths tricks

6JM        Kyril  for settling into his new Maths group well

              Isobel  for showing really good understanding of rounding whole numbers through reasoning


Friday 5th October 2018


3JW        Jahvia for his enthusiasm, engagement and animated participation in RWI

               Vrisha for her outstanding participation in Maths and commitment to her learning in Maths

3HM        Luca for excellent participation and understanding of the Romans in our creative curriculum sessions

4LB/KY  Allan for an amazing effort with his learning at home

               Nabila  for creating a beautiful piece of artwork demonstrating tone and by mixing colour

4HS        Zaid  for showing confidence to answer questions in class

              Omiyah  for always putting incredible effort into all that she does and having an amazing work ethic

5VT        Jayden  for a consistently fabulous attitude to learning in all areas

              Lily-Mai  for superb attention to detail and effort within all work, particularly writing

5SM       Daisy for conscientious editing of her writing a diary to improve it

              Rowan for a brilliant attitude and confidence in swimming lessons

6VdB      Oratile for amazing attitude towards her work

              Jorgee-Li for her conscientious approach to her work

6JM        Aaliyah  for great level thinking in Maths

              Brennen  for some impressive scientific thinking



Friday 28th September 2018


3JW         Ella for her continued engagement in all aspects of her learning.

                Charlie for excelling in computing by following the instructions and completing the independent challenges

3HM        TJ for excellent work on invading and settling and defining each work

                Carmen for excellent dedication to her learning and always being ready to start a lesson promptly

4LB/KY    Lilli  for excellent perseverance and pushing herself in Maths this week

                Harry for having a fantastic week and trying his best in Maths lessons

4HS          Marsel  for always making brilliant contributions in class

                Rhys for working hard to challenge himself at higher level maths

5VT          Isabel for outstanding effort and achievement towards her goal

                Nikola for incredible improvements in attitude and effort in learning

5SM         Eddie for fantastic concentration and perseverance when using an atlas to label the countries in Africa

                Chloe for superb contributions and ideas in English lessons

6VdB       Georgia for following her shoe doll design in every detail with outstanding results

                Michael for wonderful focus when writing and being keen to do  his best                

6JM          Saffi for a superb start in her Year 6 Maths group

                Hannah  for an excellent start in every aspect of Year 6



Friday 21st September 2018


3JW       Gracjan for an amazing start to his learning at Park

              Albert  for awesome PE skills shown in Basketball and an outstanding beginning to his journey at Park

3HM       Lexi for growing in confidence and settling into Park brilliantly

              Jacob  for demonstrating excellent basketball skills in our taster session

4LB/KY Ben for listening brilliantly in English lessons and producing some fantastic powerful sentences

              Gabija for making a fantastic start to Year 4 in every way and being a great model student

4HS       Sorin for outstanding contributions in class and always wanting to get fully involved

              Sophia for having the most amazing work ethic and putting 100% into everything she does

5VT        Joseph for an outstanding positive attitude to learning in all lessons

              Nazneed for superb use of work class identification and answers in reading

5SM       Leon for creating a lovely piece of science work showing how a bee pollinates flowers

              Mia for a thorough explanation using correct scientific vocabulary to show the process of pollination

6VdB     Abid for an awesome Louboutin shoe design

             Azraf for his excellent shoe design

6JM       Jamie for excellent effort in every activity during French week

             Keira for working to an impressively high standard all week