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Reading is a high priority area of our English curriculum at Park Junior School. Reading is a fundamental skill, used to stimulate children's imaginations and learn to acquire a love for books. A centralised aspect of our Book-Led Curriculum across the school, reading influences the thoughts, feelings and emotions of all of our learners. We carefully monitor the children’s reading and encourage parents to be fully active and engaged with us in this in order to support their child’s ongoing development. 

Reading takes place at least four times a week in a discreet session with a teacher or teaching assistant. These sessions include a range of activities to develop decoding, fluency and comprehension. These are detailed in the Reading Strategy.  If children are working below their chronological reading age, targeted intervention and support is put into place. Children in all classes still have access to story time and have a class book for a sustained period: this ensures that reading is correctly modelled to children as well as giving them the opportunity to enjoy being read to! Each term, we display a list of the class text being read so that pupils and adults can talk about this.

At Park Junior, we use the Project X reading scheme to support our children in developing their reading skills. The books are banded according to their level of difficulty, providing children with a challenging reading experience which also allows them to use their developing phonic and whole word knowledge to read independently. The Project X scheme comprises of a mixture of Fiction, Non-fiction and Traditional tales, which allows children to experience a variety of texts.

In addition to this, children visit the school library weekly to allow them free choice of their reading. Classes also have their own selection of books which children are welcome to choose from. 


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