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It is important for children to be punctual as teaching starts at 8:50am daily.  If your child is late, they must go to reception so that we know they are here.

By law, children should be attending school on time and at school for at least 95% of the sessions a year (each day is 2 sessions) so any unexplained absence means we have to find out where your child was.  Under the law on attendance we will contact you if your child has a pattern of lateness or poor attendance.  We would therefore urge you to contact our Family Support Worker, Mrs Nina Kutscheraur:, if you are experiencing problems getting your child to school on time.  Your child's attendance record is recorded on their annual report and will be discussed at parents' evenings.


We celebrate the children's attendance in school with a monthly class award given to the class with the highest percentage attendance for the month and also individual awards for termly attendance where the children can achieve bronze, silver and gold certificates for 100% attendance throughout the year.



Monthly Attendance

April 2022


3JW           95.69%

3JD            94.31%

4HM           96.47%

4KY           95.49%

5VT           98.43%

5SM          94.67%

6VdB         96.96%

6JM          96.55%

Average     96.07%


 1st    5VT            98.43% Amazing

  2nd  6VdB           96.96% Fabulous

3rd   6JM            96.55% Brilliant