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PE and School Sport

PE in school looks quite different at the moment due to Covid-19 restrictions but we continue to provide as much high-quality PE to all children as we possibly can. Every child is still receiving at least two hours of PE every week and all these sessions are taking place outdoors. Each year group has been given a focus sport and both sessions are based on this. 

Year 3- hockey

Year 4- tennis

Year 5 - tag rugby

Year 6 - multi-skills (with inclusive sport)

Alongside these sports many of our classes are also receiving cricket coaching from Northants Cricket Club. We have also welcomed back some other external coaches who are working alongside the teachers to deliver high-quality PE across the school. 

In addition to practical PE sessions, our planning also allows for the children to widen their knowledge of their focus sport through the history and geography surrounding it as well as key participants in the sport. 

These PE sessions are also allowing the children opportunities for competition.

We will continue to update our PE planning in line with the Covid-19 restrictions. 


PE Long Term Planning 2020-2021

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