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PE at Park Junior School an inclusive approach with the ambition that PE is a positive experience for EVERY child. We teach children fundamental movement skills and key learning behaviours to help achieve our goals.


All children should receive high quality physical education. The PE curriculum should align with the whole school curricular aims. PE should reduce inequalities and ensure all children have the relevant knowledge to fully participate in physical activity. 

(Ofsted Research Review March 2022)


Our curriculum enables all children to flourish and experience success throughout their time at Park Junior School. Through a carefully planned and sequenced curriculum, which picks up on the skills learnt in KS1, children build, revisit, and develop skills and knowledge as they progress through school, hereby developing a strong sense of self-efficacy.


To ensure the children are given every opportunity to develop, the curriculum has a clear progression through their journey in KS2:

•          Structured and progressive physical development challenges

•          Skill application opportunities that involve rules

•          Strategies and tactics that are age and stage appropriate

•          Integrated review sessions that focus on healthy participation.


These progression elements enable our children to progress and know ‘how’ to get better at PE, whilst staff and coaches draw upon declarative and procedural knowledge that supports them to teach high-quality lessons. Every lesson aims to provide opportunities for physical actions to be modelled, practised and developed, allowing time for pupils to reflect, review and refine.


Fundamental movement skills progress through a sequence, moving from simple to complex and are further developed through competitions and games. In addition, children are explicitly taught age-appropriate rules, strategies and tactics that align with movement, challenges and games they are working on. It enables children to have a clear mental model of how to improve and develop.


Progression across skills, knowledge and vocabulary supports children to develop declarative and procedural knowledge, developing their schema as PE enables them to build on secure, pre-requisite knowledge.  For example, all warm-ups enable children to revisit and build on skills and these can be applied to a range of games both cooperative and competitive. All games are carefully scaffolded to meet the needs of all children.


In LKS2 there is a focus on healthy competition that builds on and stretches the knowledge, skills, rules, strategies and tactics children have acquired. Throughout LKS2 the competition focuses on children’s personal best and how they can, with deliberate and sequenced practise, improve and progress. In UKS2, these skills can be applied further in real game situations, such as tennis to further develop understand of rules, tactics and why participation is important.


Competition is also used as a learning tool so children have the opportunity to develop learning behaviours such as resilience and encouraging others.  We participate in the School Games inter-school competitions to provide opportunity for children to learn to compete in a healthy environment and our Gold Award in the School Games Mark demonstrates our commitment encouraging competition and the importance of physical activity.


The end aim for Park Junior PE is for EVERY child to develop a positive relationship with physical activity for life. The structure and content of our curriculum, focus and dedication of our staff and coaches embraces this.