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PE and School Sport

PE at Park Junior is an important focus and we are glad that the reduction in COVID restrictions has meant that we are back to delivering "normal" PE sessions and we continue to provide as much high-quality PE to all children as we possibly can.

Every child is still receiving at least two hours of PE every week and all these sessions are taking place outdoors when possible or in the hall when required.

We have also welcomed back some other external coaches who are working alongside the teachers to deliver high-quality PE across the school. 



Our Physical Education (PE) curriculum gives our children opportunities to build knowledge, skills, confidence and independence in a range of games, dance, gymnastics and swimming activities. We aim to allow children to develop their own unique potential in these areas of physical education and to participate in competitive and non-competitive environments.­­­ Through a rich and varied PE curriculum, and through participation in a range of sports and activities we intend for our pupils to gain a knowledge of key values (respect, teamwork, honesty etc) that will allow them to live in our ever-changing world and respect the diverse community that they live in. During PE sessions we want our children to understand the importance of becoming ‘Physical Me’, ‘Healthy Me’, ‘Social Me’ and ‘Thinking Me’ which will allow them to develop a thirst for knowledge and a deep understanding of the holistic opportunities that PE can bring, not just at the physical level.

Having fun and enjoying being active is a key priority within our school. We also aim to upskill staff throughout the curriculum to ensure our pupils get the very best experience of PE and school sport during their time at the school.



We provide a rich and varied curriculum made up of skills, sequences and whole sports which allow children to use, apply and embed learning within the subject. This is further enhanced by sessions that allow children to improve their cultural capital by learning the history and geography of their sport and looking at specific participants.  Our curriculum is also supported by the use of some expert coaches who support in the delivery of high-quality sessions as well as upskilling staff to provide a legacy of top-quality PE delivery. Through careful differentiation using the STEP model (Space, Task, Equipment and Participants) children can develop and perfect their performances at the level appropriate to them to ensure every child achieves their potential. At Park we pride ourselves on our participation in a vast range of intra-school competitions at both an inclusive and competitive level. It is hugely important for our children to enjoy and understand the importance of being active on a daily basis so we use the idea of active classrooms and active playtimes to give children opportunities to become healthy and active individuals.



Throughout PE sessions, children are regularly and closely monitored which allows STEP differentiation to be effective within every session and for all children to move on at a pace that suits them. Our achievement of the Platinum Kitemark award for the last four consecutive years shows the amazing impact that our PE curriculum has on our children. By the time our children leave Park we are highly confident that they have developed the skills necessary to be competent performers in a range of skills and sports as well as having a deep understanding for the necessity to be fit, healthy and active individuals. 

PE Long Term Planning 2021-2022