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Our computing curriculum aims to enable the children to learn about and understand the technological world that they live in, in order to reach their potential in an ever changing world.  Through our specific half termly internet safety lessons, as well as the broader computing curriculum, we aim to empower children with a set of values in order to enable them to live effectively and safely within the ever-changing world they find themselves in. The structure and progression within the computing curriculum allows children to build their knowledge, skills, confidence and independence within a curriculum area that is key to their future.  The curriculum covers a wide and varied range of computing elements, allowing children to develop their own unique potential as well as also giving them an insight in to computing areas in which they have had limited experience.  These areas provide children with rich and vibrant opportunities and link to real-life experiences with a curriculum that is ambitious and progressive for all children and essential in their ability to be a valued, contributing member of society.

Our long term computing plan covers the national curriculum objectives and ensures that each year group builds on the previous experience of their learners so there is clear progression.  Our children are immersed in a range of communication tools and clear progression in the skills needed to use within these core programs. 

Switched on Computing units:

Year 3:
We are programmers – programming an animation.
We are bug fixers – finding and correcting bugs in programs.
We are presenters – videoing performances.
We are vloggers – making and sharing a short screencast presentation.
We are communicators – communicating safely on the internet.
We are opinion pollsters – collecting and analysing data.


Year 4:
We are software developers - developing a simple educational game.
We are toy designers - prototyping an interactive toy.
We are musicians - producing digital music.
We are HTML editors - editing and writing html
We are co-authors - producing a wiki.
We are meteorologist - presenting the weather.

Year 5:

We are game developers – developing an interactive game.
We are cryptographers – cracking codes.
We ae artists – fusing geometry and art.
We are web developers – creating a website about cyber safety.
We are bloggers – sharing experience and opinions.
We are architects – creating a virtual space.


Year 6:
We are adventure gamers - making a text-based adventure game.
We are computational thinkers - mastering algorithms for searching, sorting and mathematics.
We are advertisers - creating a short television advert.
We are network technicians - exploring computer networks including the internet.
We are travel writers - using media and mapping to document a trip.
We are publishers - creating a year book

Using Scratch to develop a game which shows an understanding of improper and mixed number fractions in maths lessons.