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During computing sessions, at Park Junior School, we allow the children access to a wide range of different stimuli. We follow the Rising Stars: Switched on Computing scheme which provides ample opportunity for children to be creative with their computing lessons. Throughout their time at Park, children will also embed their understanding and experience of online safety to ensure a safe and responsible understanding of technology. As well as offering a wide range of creative opportunities for children, we also ensure a solid understanding of various communication tools such as Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel.

Switched on Computing units:

Year 3:
We are programmers – programming an animation.
We are bug fixers – finding and correcting bugs in programs.
We are presenters – videoing performances.
We are vloggers – making and sharing a short screencast presentation.
We are communicators – communicating safely on the internet.
We are opinion pollsters – collecting and analysing data.


Year 4:
We are software developers - developing a simple educational game.
We are toy designers - prototyping an interactive toy.
We are musicians - producing digital music.
We are HTML editors - editing and writing html
We are co-authors - producing a wiki.
We are meteorologist - presenting the weather.

Year 5:

We are game developers – developing an interactive game.
We are cryptographers – cracking codes.
We ae artists – fusing geometry and art.
We are web developers – creating a website about cyber safety.
We are bloggers – sharing experience and opinions.
We are architects – creating a virtual space.


Year 6:
We are adventure gamers - making a text-based adventure game.
We are computational thinkers - mastering algorithms for searching, sorting and mathematics.
We are advertisers - creating a short television advert.
We are network technicians - exploring computer networks including the internet.
We are travel writers - using media and mapping to document a trip.
We are publishers - creating a year book

Picture 1 Creating digital music
Picture 2 Using LMMS software to produce digital music
Picture 3 Using sempahore to send messages

Using Scratch to develop a game which shows an understanding of improper and mixed number fractions in maths lessons.