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History Of Park Junior School

Park Street Board School first opened on 11th August 1873.  There were 85 children in the whole school within three departments: Boys', Girls' and Infants.  Along with Rock Street, which opened in the same year, these were the first state schools in the town.

The first Head Teacher was Joseph Winterton.  The very first entry of the Head Teacher was: 'Opened the school this day.  The number of scholars is 85.... and I gave them a short address upon what would be expected of them at school, namely punctuality, regularity, diligence and good behaviour.'  By the end of the second week numbers had increased to 124!

The school continued as a combined school until 1953 where it became Park Street Secondary Modern School for Girls.  Following re-organisation of Wellingborough schools in 1968, Park Junior School was created where we have been ever since.

We are keen keen to hear from you if you have any additional information to add to the school's history.