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Wednesday 22nd May

As predicted, we woke up to torrential rain this morning, however thanks to everyone's preparation, the children had their coats and most had wellington boots or 'wet shoes' which was brilliant! We had our first Ilam breakfast to build up the stamina for the wet day ahead and then prepared ourselves for the outdoor adventure!


Today we went orienteering - we had to follow maps to find numbered posts in the grounds where we shared riddles, poses and who am I? questions. Considering the relentless rain, the children were amazing and we all just ignored it and enjoyed finding the posts and going around the grounds at the same time. After we returned to the hall, coats went into the drying out room, shoes and boots were left in the porch and we enjoyed the warmth of the hostel to have our lunch.


We moved things around this week so that we didn't go out again this afternoon and instead, we did our indoor archery and our Ilam pencil cases which the children designed and made. It was a great afternoon with two very different but dry activities!


We were very pleased to go out in drizzle rather than rain for some free time after dinner then went onto our craft activities of beaded geckos and pipe cleaner people. Again it was such a lovely time as we enjoyed the quiet and relaxing atmospheres of the craft rooms.


The children are now in bed and have gone to sleep straight away. They have actually been really good at bedtimes, respecting the need for everyone to go to sleep and I am predicting that waking up time tomorrow may be a little later!


The weather doesn't look quite so bad tomorrow and we have the hill walk planned in the morning and Team Games and rocket building in the afternoon. The weather hasn't stopped us and the children have been superb at coping with the wet and just carrying on as we would normally. Very impressive!