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Thursday 14th September

We had our normal delicious breakfast this morning with the treat of croissants then spent the day doing our last two activities. It has been fascinating seeing the sea levels change so drastically with the tide and the centre have been great at adapting all their water sports to cater for these changes.


One of the canoeing groups today were able to get out of the canoes onto the muddy banks and had an incredible time sliding around in the mud and seeing who could get the furthest before they slipped over!


After dinner tonight the children have had a choice as to whether they wanted to cuddle down into their quilts to have a movie night or a games night with the table tennis and pool tables as we have had our first heavy rain of the week.


We have had an amazing week and all the children have grown more and more resilient to the very busy timetable and although we are very much looking forward to returning tomorrow, we are sad that the week has come to an end.


Tomorrow we are planning to leave by 10am to go to Barmouth for souvenir shopping and a last ice cream then will make our way home planning to arrive from 4 - 4:30pm depending on traffic.