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Upon entering year three, children are assessed on their knowledge of the English alphabetic code: the 150+ graphemes that represent the 44 speech sounds to ensure that they are able to read accurately, with fluency and to begin to establish the meaning of the word in context.  If a child is having difficulty decoding and reading and/or is new to the country, then the child is placed on our phonics programme RWI after an assessment.


Phonics is taught in ability groups according to RWI Phonics assessments. Children are having their daily speed sounds lessons and the RWI reading and writing section of the lesson.  Books are being given out each week to match the sounds children have learnt in their group along with Project X books which are matched to their reading age and level.


The Read Write Inc. programme is carefully matched to the new curriculum, giving your children the best chance of success in the national tests. They show teachers, teaching assistants and parents step-by-step how to teach all children to become fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers.

Our school uses:

Read Write Inc. Phonics for our children in Years 3 and 4 who need to catch up. 

Set 1 & 2 power point

English lessons for our fluent readers in Years 3 to 6.

Read Write Inc. Spelling for our children in Years 3 to 6 

Additionally, if a child is continuing to struggle with reading sounds and words or is a child with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), then we also then we also offer Fast Track Tutoring.  This programme is for children who need extra daily practice.

Children do not need to read the Storybooks during the tutoring session, as they will be taught to read them in the main lesson, unless it is felt they need additional practice. In schools not using the full Read Write Inc. Phonics programme, it is for children whose reading has fallen behind in Reception and Years 1 to 4. Children are taught to read sounds, words and the matched decodable Storybooks.  It breaks down the phonics and reading strands of Read Write Inc. Phonics into smaller steps to accelerate children’s reading progress. It does not include the handwriting, spelling and writing activities found in the full programme, as tutoring time is limited to 20 minutes per child. It provides intensive, targeted support to address specific gaps in a child’s reading.

What can parents do to support their child

There are free video tutorials on our website –

Parents – Ruth Miskin Literacy

Parent video: Introduction to Daily Read Write Inc. Phonics Lessons - Bing video

What can you do to help at home?

1. Use ‘Special Friends’, ‘Fred Talk’, read the word, to read words.

2. Practise reading sounds speedily - ‘review, review, review’.

3. Practise sounds and reading words.

4. Read their storybook with them.


Select ‘More and International’ at the top, then ‘Home reading’ from the drop-down list:

Click on the parent video shown and it takes you to them on YouTube. There are many different parent videos to choose from.

They are also on Facebook –

RWI Phonics Resources for Parents

RWI Fred Games

Phonics handout 1 & 2

RWI Spelling sound chart

RWI Red Words & RWI Rhymes

How to correctly pronounce the graphemes (sounds) taught in phonics

The video below shows how to correctly pronounce the different sounds that are used in RWI.  It is very important that these sounds are pronounced correctly so we would strongly recommend watching the video to make sure that know how to teach your children the sounds the same as how we are teaching them.

How to say the sounds - Bing video RWI

Fred Games 4

Reading at home booklet 1

Reading at home booklet 2

RWI Letter Rhymes

RWI Spelling Sound Chart