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History is the study of people throughout time and the world. History helps our children to gain an understanding of how the world around us has been influenced by the past and how people lived both in the near and distant past and within Britain and the wider world.


As a school, our History lessons are taught within our Linked Learning topics through varied and exciting activities. Wherever possible, we use hands on experiences, including school visits, to enhance our History lessons.

Aims and Objectives


  • To develop an understanding of chronology
  • To develop an understanding of the key events, features and everyday life of people throughout History
  • To develop an understanding of how life today has been shaped by the past
  • To develop awareness of key historical figures
  • To develop understanding of Historical concepts
  • To enable children to extract information from Historical sources
  • To encourage open, inquiring minds and curiosity
  • To enable children to ask perceptive questions