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Ready Room


Welcome to the Ready Room!

In our classroom we help children get ready to learn. We work in a nurturing environment where children can feel safe and secure. Children attending our room come from various schools in the north of the county and range from Year 3 to Year 6. Children attend us for two full days and remain on roll at their home school. When they are not with us, they attend their home school.


Our unit not only provides support for the children but also to their home school. A Teaching Assistant from the home school will attend our room for half a day providing the opportunity for the TA to learn new skills to support the children they work with. Outreach is also regularly provided. We work holistically with many different professionals in order to ensure that the needs of our children are met.


Children in our class complete maths and English daily as well as accessing a broad curriculum. A key part of our work is giving children consistency, structure and a place for them to feel safe. Making sure we build children’s cultural capacity. Children also access therapeutic interventions including The Zones of Regulation, Lego Build, Mindfulness and bespoke health and wellbeing support.







Once children have spent their time with us they return to their home school, full time, with the aim that they can fully enjoy and thrive in their learning environment.



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