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Wednesday 13th September

We have had another super day today. We gave the children as much time as possible before waking them up this morning as the full day yesterday helped them sleep really well!


After a breakfast of cereals, toast and pancakes, we split into our 4 groups and had another day full of activities. As with yesterday, the children enjoyed a variety of experiences, many of them involving getting wet! We had some more 'wetsuit getting on' laughs before the water sports activities and all groups that Wilderness skills, Orienteering and Harlech Castle really enjoyed their experiences.


After dinner  we then went for our night walk to the beach with torches and enjoyed the unique experience of building sandcastles by torchlight! Tonight, the children have gone to sleep very quickly in order to recover before tomorrow!


We have been so impressed by this group - they have been awesome to bring to Wales. They have shown great courage, have done as asked straight away, behaved superbly and been great fun to be with. We look forward to our next day tomorrow.