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Thursday 26th My 6pm

We have had exactly the right weather for our ‘mountain’ walk today. It was warm, but not sunny, so no chance of us finding the sun too hot or getting wet! The mountain walk went without a hitch. The children were superb, listening to the instructions on how to be safe and coping extremely well. In fact we have agreed that this has been one of the most successful walks we remember.

The children thought the way down would be the easiest part, but were surprised when they realised that going down is actually hard work! We were very lucky as when we reached Ilam, the ice-cream van was there and we could all enjoy a ‘Mr Whippy’ ice-cream with a flake – a favourite with many of us! The ice-cream van lady commented on how polite and patient the children were as she enjoyed her first experience of serving 40 people queuing for an ice-cream.

This afternoon, after a nice session of outside games time, we all split for a scavenger hunt and an egg rocket making session where the children have made ‘rockets’ from lemonade bottles for an egg to travel in when it is launched into the air. The idea is that the egg doesn’t break when the bottle lands! The launch will be tomorrow morning before we leave – we can’t wait to see whose egg will survive the launch when the bottle goes at least 30 metres.

Tonight we have our evening activities of beaded ghekos and indoor archery before enjoying a piece of birthday cake. The children have made my birthday very special today and it was lovely getting some cards from them this morning – thank you. I have enjoyed their guesses as to how old I am – how I wish they were right!!