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Ilam Hall update 25th May 6:00pm

Ilam fHall update 25th May 6:00pm


Here we are on Thursday evening enjoying free time out in the evening sun after busy day. This morning we went on the hill climb and despite it being a hot day the children managed admirably well. All reached the top and found their way back down successfully with big smiles upon their faces. To top off a successful morning the ice cream van was in the village and to the ice cream ladies surprise she had 40 enthusiastic customers.


This afternoon we had games on the field and then enjoyed two activities inside to get a rest from the sun. The children designed 'egg rockets' and made their Ilam bags.


This evening after dinner we will do indoor archery and beaded geckos with the final groups.


We can't believe how quickly the time has gone and although the children are looking forward to coming home, they are very sad with the thought that we will be leaving tomorrow.