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France Update Wednesday evening

Good evening from France and French Night.  It has been a wonderful day with the sun shining and the children excelling.  This morning began with a visit to a French market.  The children were able to buy various French products.  They were amazed by the amount of garlic and onions for sale.  They all bought souvenirs and enjoyed the experience.  We had lunch in a very picturesque location where we also enjoyed a games of boules.  Playing back handed and spinning the ball was a new skill to many of us and one boy put his boule in a nearby pond! 

We returned to the Chateau for an afternoon of zip wire, fencing and problem solving.  One group leader said he had never had such an alert and co-operative group of children before.  The children seemed to thoroughly enjoy the activities especially the zip wire.

The children then got dressed into their French costumes (see photos) and have tried frog’s legs and snails during their evening meal.  With a French quiz and catwalk this evening that will nicely round off a fabulous day!


As always everyone sends their very best wishes.