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France update Thursday evening

Good evening from France.  Once again, we have had an incredible day and the children have responded incredibly well to every challenge put before them.  The weather has been cloudy and drizzly but this could no way dampen out spirits and so much fun has been had.  The visit to the Castle was most interesting and culminated with the dancing in the original banqueting room.  Ice creams and souvenirs were purchased and we then went off to a local park to enjoy lunch with a game of football and a play on the apparatus. 

This afternoon’s activities have consisted of blind trail, archery and climbing with all the children excelling.  The children got rather wet on the blind trail and everyone got to the top of the climbing wall.

This evening we are having our talent with a real variety ahead of us.  The children will be performing mimes, dances, comedy sketches and songs to entertain.  Tis will be followed by the end of visit disco and then hot chocolate.

We have an early breakfast tomorrow as we plan to make a quick getaway from the Chateau at 8.00am.  The children are very excited to see their families once again and share with you some of the memories that will hopefully be with them for a very long time.  They have been an outstanding group and have done everyone so very proud.

See you tomorrow around 9.00pm tomorrow.