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France update 16th Sept 6.00pm

Good evening everyone Layla reporting here.

‘We had a lovely breakfast, the food was yummy and everyone enjoyed it!

In the afternoon we went to a French market and bought some souvenirs for are families.  I bought an Eiffel tower, a crepe and some sweets.  There were some amazing fish and cheese stalls that was very different from Tesco!  It was very busy and all the French people seemed to be carrying baguettes.  We had a lovely lunch in the park and played a games of boules.  On the way back to the Chateau it started to rain and it is still raining now.

All the groups did the same activities this afternoon.  The order my group did it in was zip wire, problem solving and finally fencing.  My best activity was the problem solving as we had to work as a group to achieve.  Throughout it poured with rain but didn’t stop us.

Now we are just getting ready for our French night.  There are lots of stripy tops and berets.   I’m not looking forward to the frog’s legs although I’m told the snails are quite nice.

We then meet together in the main hall after dinner for a French quiz and the famous cat walk’.


Many thanks to Layla for typing up her diary this evening.