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Team Sparky wins the Race To The Top coding competition!

Today we took the eight children who are members of our computing crew to Northampton University to an awards ceremony because they had taken part in a Race To The Top coding competition. The children split in to two teams of four and were tasked with using a program called Scratch to create a game that promoted energy efficiency within schools. They then had to create a two minute presentation which was uploaded to YouTube to be viewed by the judges. Points were awarded for creativity, originality, logo design and of course, the code used!


The students decided upon team names, Team Lightbulb and Team Sparky.


Team Sparky were announced as the overall winners and a trophy is now in the county council offices with their name on!


If you want to try playing their award winning game click the following link:


Watch their competition videos below:


Team Lightbulb


Team Sparky