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France Update Wednesday am

Good morning from France.  We’ve had an excellent night’s sleep with the children all virtually falling asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows last night.  They are just waking up (8.00am) and preparing for room inspection and the day ahead.  They are taking great pride in their rooms and keeping them extremely tidy.


We are off to St Hilliare market today.  This will provide the children with the opportunity to barter with stall holders and practise their French skills.  They will be trying crepes and buying souvenirs for themselves and their families.  For lunch we will be going to a nearby park and trying out the games of boules.  This is always a popular and competitive occasion with the children enjoying some competition.  This afternoon we will be returning to the Chateau and taking part in 3 different activities – archery, climbing and problem solving. 


It's French night tonight with the children dressing up in their French costumes and trying some special French food including frog’s legs and snails.  Should be interesting!  We’ll upload some photos of it this evening.