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France Update Monday

Hello from France.  We’ve had a great day with the children responding incredibly well to the long journey and are in great spirits.

We left PJS spot on at 4.00am with no one oversleeping.  The first part of the journey was full of chatter and excitement.  Once it started to get light we were almost on the outskirts of Dover.  We arrived at a very quiet Dover at 7.00am for the 8.30am ferry.  This gave us the opportunity to stretch our legs and have some early breakfast. 

Once we had boarded the ferry we sat and had the remainder of our breakfast although for some there wasn’t much left!  We have a good tour of the ferry and was able to stand out at the back of the ferry and look back at the white cliffs and see France ahead of us.  The crossing was exceptionally smooth with no children feeling unwell at all. 

The whizzed through Calais and the next leg of our journey began.  We put on a DVD for the children to watch although, by this point, a number of children caught up on some sleep.  We stopped at the park for lunch for 45minutes where the children played and started practising their French skills.

The final part of the journey was full of anticipation with the soon arrival at the Chateau Beaumont.  We arrived at 4.30pm (your time) to be greeted by their staff, the children had a tour of the site and sorted their dormitories.  The evening meal was spaghetti bolognaise with a chocolate éclair for dessert.