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France Day 4!

What another fantastic day we have had in France.  After another delicious breakfast we set off for Fougeres Castle.  When we got there we were amazed at the size of it.  We were incredibly lucky to be given a guided tour of the castle and learnt a little bit about its history.  We saw where they used to entertain and where they would cook the food.  The children all eagerly climbed the winding steps inside the castle's tallest tower and we were greeted with a fabulous view when we reached the top!  After climbing the tower, it was time for the Park tradition of medieval dancing.  The children had a great time learning a traditional dance that would likely have taken place in the castle's heyday.  There was a lovely gift shop next to the castle where we shopped for souvenirs before heading to another park for lunch and a play.  After a short drive back to the Chateau, we excitedly began our activities.  Today's activities were the climbing wall where children eagerly climbed two different types of climbing wall, fencing, where children learnt some key skills and improved tremendously from the start to the end of the session and finally, the blind trail., where again, the children excelled.  There was then time for a deserved shower before packing.  Dinner time soon came and the children were all very excited as after dinner would be the eagerly anticipated talent show and disco!  The talent show saw a range of acts from very clever finger dancing to singing ducks! Again, the children showed each other huge support and encouragement throughout.  At the disco we all enjoyed some old classics as well as some new French dances! There was just time for hot chocolate before bed.  The children are all really looking forward to seeing their families tomorrow.

Unfortunately we are still having some technical issues with uploading photos to the website.  Photos will be uploaded as soon as possible when we are back home so please check back then.