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France day 3

Day 3! - The children all had another great night's sleep and woke up excited about the day ahead. We had a good breakfast before packing our backpacks and boarding the coach for the market.  We arrived at the market and could tell it was going to be another warm day.  The market was busy with lots of exciting and colourful stalls for the children to look at.  After looking around the stalls, some of us sampled some crepes and practiced our French when asking for it.  The children were amazed by the differences between a market in Wellingborough and the French market, there was a wide variety of cheeses, seafood, breads and olives for them to look at and many different smells to smell.  Once we had purchased some souvenirs we headed to the park to play the traditional French game of boules as well as have a play on the equipment.  We then had our baguettes for lunch before heading back to the Chateau for the afternoon's activities.  This afternoon the children all participated in three different activities.  Initiative games where the children practiced a variety of teamwork skills to solve problems, archery and zip wiring.  Fantastic team work, courage and resilience were shown by all the children throughout the afternoon.  Next it was on to French night, the children all dressed up in fantastic outfits and some were even brave enough to try snails and frogs legs....there were a number of children who really enjoyed these typical French foods!  After the rest of our dinner we visited the tuck shop and then it was time for a French quiz.  Each correct answer in the quiz won a team a piece of building equipment for later on.  Once the quiz had ended, each team used the materials they had won to build The Eiffel Tower.  There were some very creative designs!  Finally it was time for hot chocolate and bed.  Another brilliant day.

Due to technical issues we are unable to upload pictures tonight but will try again in the morning.