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France Day 1

We have had a fantastic start to our French trip.  We arrived at school bright and early (while it was still dark!) and set off for Dover.  The children chatted quietly while some slept as we drove through the early hours of the morning.  After a great journey we arrived at Dover in time for the 8:25am ferry.  The crossing was superb and the children enjoyed their breakfast and a look around the ferry.  We had a great view on deck of both Dover and Calais in the distance.  After a few hours of driving through France we stopped at a beautiful spot near the River Seine for lunch.  We even had time for a short walk around a nature reserve then it was time to hop back on the coach for the final leg of our journey.  Again, the children were an absolute pleasure on the bus and passed the time nicely.  We were very excited to arrive at Chateau Beaumont and after a quick visit to see our rooms for the week, we gratefully headed for a fantastic dinner of spaghetti with chocolate eclairs for pudding.  After tea, there was time for us to sort our rooms out and have a play before we began the treasure hunt.  What a fabulous first day in France.