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Year 6 Homework Club

Year 6 Homework Club


The year 6 homework club runs on a Friday lunchtime from 12.00 until 12.50 p.m. Children bring their packed lunches or hot dinners to the club . The children do not have to stay for the whole session, although they must come from the start.


The club gives children the opportunity to complete some of their homework if they need extra time, support, resources or just a space to work in or so they have less homework to complete at home. It is a flexible club: children do not have to attend every week.


The club is open to any children in Year 6, although children are expected to work independently, quietly and sensibly. There is adult support in the club to help children who need clarification, have questions or need a little extra help. Some children are encouraged to attend the club, whilst other children who struggle to complete homework, are requested to attend the club on a weekly, regular basis. For most children, however, it is a choice whether to attend or not.