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Year 5 Home Learning Programme

Welcome to the Year 5 Home Learning Programme!


Hey guys!


If you have to stay at home for any reason, such as self-isolating, we have posted a home learning programme below. This programme has daily tasks for you to complete so that your learning continues. Each day there is an English, Maths and another task all with the focus of Park Junior School. 


Any resources needed are below clearly labelled with the day and the lesson. 

For example: DAY 1 - English. 


When you return to school bring all your work with you. 


Take this opportunity to improve your tables and the links for great online tables games are in 'Children - Useful Links'.


If you have a Doodlemaths or a DoodleEnglish account then use the Maths, English, Spell and Tables as much as you can at home; it is a great way of practicing all your skills.


You can also continue with your homework to gain more points. All these tasks are current and worth doing.


Take care, 

Miss Morris & Mr Fordham

Year 5 - Home Project Term 1 & 2