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Year 4 into 5 Transition Project

Welcome to Year Five


We cannot wait to be back in the classroom with you all and crack on with a fantastic year!

As you may have already heard, each year group are setting projects for their new classes.

This year should have been the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The opening ceremony was actually meant to be on 23rd July! As a summer project we are setting you a number of different challenges to complete to keep you entertained based on the Olympics. Some are based on Tokyo, whilst others look back on Olympics previously held. You do not have to complete all of the activities set, but it would be great to see as many of you doing some of the pieces, and we may even be able to get some of the work up in your new classrooms in September.


In the pack the activities have been split into Maths, English and Creative. It is up to you which activities you complete, but it would be good to pick a couple from each section so you are experiencing a variety of the curriculum.


We don’t expect any emails to be sent or work to be submitted but bring any work you do complete back to school when we come back in September.

Have a lovely summer, stay safe, have fun and we shall look forward to seeing you in your new classroom in the new school year.

Miss Morris & Mr Fordham!