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Year 3 into 4 Transition Project

New Year 4 Summer Project 2020

For your summer project, we would like you to pick one English, one Maths and two from the other areas. Please feel free to do all of the different ideas if you wish, but we will be expecting the above. You can bring this work in with you on your first day and we will display it in the classroom. You could also earn points for the work you do. Have a fun holiday and we look forward to seeing you soon.


English: Write a postcard – instruction sheet provided along with template.

           Acrostic Poem for flotsam. – instruction sheet provided.


Maths: Crack the code summer edition – differentiated.

          Maths questions based on the sea side. – Two sets to choose from.


Design: Design your own ice-cream – instructions and sheet provided.


Art: Design your own summer bag – instructions and template provided.


PE: Create a game that you could play with family or friends on the beach. What are the rules? How do you win??


PHSE: Message in a bottle – write a message to your new teacher, telling them all about yourself.