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Year 3 Home Learning Programme

Welcome to the Year 3 Home Learning Programme


If you have to stay at home for any reason, such as self-isolating or the bubble self-isolating, we have posted a home learning programme below for the 10 school days that you will need to isolate for.


This programme has daily tasks for you to complete so that your learning continues and all items are suitable for the Year 3 age group. Each day there is an English, Maths and an Other task all themed around our current topic "Invaders and Settlers". 


Any resources needed are below clearly labeled with the day and the lesson. 

For example: Day 1 - English. 


When you return to school bring all your work with you for us to discuss and admire! 


We have also posted a range of web links to other online tasks that you can do or explore during this time.


Take care and we hope to see you soon


Mrs Whiting and Mr Draper

Home Learning Year 3 Programme "Invaders and Settlers"

Useful websites: