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Weekly Tasks


Can you create a Paper Hovercraft?  Follow the instructions and see if it can work and then read why it does work on the sheet.

Try the extra experiments;

These little hovercrafts are so easy to make, it doesn’t take long to build some out of different materials (newspaper, cardboard, aluminum foil) or different sizes see which ones drive the straightest, go the fastest, or take the most breath to get moving!


2nd Science task - Have a look at Mystery Doug to explore and question - How do fish breathe underwater?


I love looking at maps and finding out details of what is around me.  Can you look at the map provided and work out what the "Key" is?  Can you create your own map and create a "key" too?


Roman Soldier - I know we may have done something similar before, but are you able to label and then colour the soldier from the instructions finally can you design your own Roman Shield?


We take money for granted and sometimes don't appreciate the art and design that goes into creating our money.  


Look at the fact sheet on Notes and see who is on our Notes and why then choose your own figure to put on a £100 note and design it.