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Weekly Tasks

Maths Extensions

There is a range of extra maths tasks for you to try.

  • Can you solve the problem of the pictures and work out their value?

If you were confident with the measures challenges this week you can try these Y3/Y4 questions on;

  • Rounding
  • Fractions
  • Area



Can you put this list of animals in order?  A-Z  3 Levels of challenge, remember if the first letter is the same, then move onto the next.


So James comes before Jamie - As the "i" is later in the alphabet than the "e"



Can you help the Giant and try and identify and recognise these different types of Trees that grow in the UK?  Keep safe when outside on your daily exercise and you go tree spotting!


I do like Mystery Doug and how he helps explain the world around us.  This time Doug is looking at the question;


"Why do plants flower in the spring time?"


Can you research the special book of a religion? 


You could look at the books relating to Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  • What is it called?
  • Where is it kept (at home or in the religious building)?
  • How often is it read?
  • How is it made up (stories, passages, chapters, prayers etc)?
  • What language is it written in?


You can present your work however you like.  Poster, written account, typed, presentation - your choice!


Hopefully, during lockdown you are still reading lots of books.  Create a beautiful bookmark with these great templates for you to print and colour or you can copy/create your own design.