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Weekly Tasks

Weekly Kahoot

This week is a challenge on Natural Disasters.  The Kahoot challenge finishes on Friday 8th May at 5pm.

The pin for the challenge is 04221362

Maths Extensions

A range of Maths activities to extend your learning. 

  • The Activity Mat has a whole range of Y3 questions for you to consider.
  • The pirate mystery uses a range of problem-solving skills to find out the mystery.
  • The Place Value yearbook is a large range of Y3 tasks all based on Place Value.  It has a variety of tasks and levels so rather than print it all just look at the parts that suit you.


Two tasks for the scientists in you.

  1. Can you grow your own rainbow using kitchen towel and felt pens.  Explore why this happens.
  2. Watch an interactive video with Doug who explores why do birds lay eggs in the springtime.  The Doug videos are very informative and only take 10-15 minutes to explore.


This term you have been looking at the special books that different religions have.

Mrs Morton wonders if you can complete this task?

  1. Draw the front cover of a book that you love (it could be a story or a non-fiction book) or is related to your own religious beliefs.
  2. Now annotate it with why it is special to you and how would you treat it (would you throw it on the floor or stand a drink on it for instance?!)


Can you complete this VE Day related art/design task and design your own medal?  The template is provided or you can use your own ideas.


Two tasks for our spelling aficionados.  We have a wordsearch with the Y3/Y4 spelling words to find or can you find and correct the spellings on this worksheet.