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Weekly Tasks

In weekly tasks are a series of wider tasks that you can do over the week and do not have to be done on a particular day.  

These tasks are additional to the daily tasks and only need to be done if you fancy a challenge or are looking for extra work to complete.

Science -  look at the slides on the lifecycle of a bean plant and then look at the example poster.

Can you create your own poster of the lifecycle of a plant?

Remember to include the main steps and pictures to help describe the lifecycle. 

Geography - Using the area map of Wellingborough, can you describe other places by providing the compass directions.  For example "Brixworth is West of Wellingborough."  How many places can you locate?

Map of Wellingborough area

History- Test your knowledge of Pompeii with an online quiz.  Read the slides attached and once you are ready, try the quiz, how many out of 10 can you answer?

Pompeii Information

French - Can you learn the numbers 11-20 in French?  You can print/or look at the flashcards to learn the new words and practice.  If you are feeling confident you can try the worksheet.
Art- Can you sketch a view from a window in your house? Choose a window that provides the most interesting view.  You can sketch, paint, use colours or keep it in pencil.  I have provided an example to give you an idea.

View from Window sketch

Maths Extra Tasks- To practice your Maths you can try 2 digit column addition, either without regrouping (easier) or with regrouping (harder).  These have answers provided so you can check your work.  


There is also an arithmetic challenge that goes through a range of mental maths skills.