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It's the end of another fabulous day in Wales.  We all slept well after yesterday's activities and enjoyed another superb breakfast of cereal and toast followed by mini waffles and beans.  After breakfast all five groups headed off to their morning activities, which included, rock climbing, gauge walking, wilderness skills, canoeing and orienteering. We all enjoyed the activities and yet again the children thrived, showing great commitment, team work, self-belief and confidence to overcome some difficult challenges.

Lunch time was, yet again, well needed before groups headed off  to their second activity of the day.  The children had a fantastic time and the weather was extremely kind to us.  Dinner was bolognaise (with a delicious halal alternative) followed by syrup sponge and custard.  The children ate eagerly as they could not wait to head to the beach for the evening.  We made our way to the beach, collecting driftwood on the way for a camp fire.  The children also helped conserve the environment by collecting litter as they passed, which they did with enthusiasm.  We arrived at the beach for a beautiful sunset and the children had a lovely time playing in the sand before the camp fire was ready.  Around the fire we shared stories and highlights of her day which were really fantastic to hear.  Our walk back by torchlight was a great experience and following a hot chocolate, the children were all ready for a good night's sleep.  We can't wait for tomorrow.