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Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning All,

Hope you're not going too crazy yet!


Don’t forget to try and start your day with a bit of exercise! Did anyone complete the Joe Wicks work out yesterday?


Please continue with your English from the past 2 days. Well done to those that have completed this and email your work to us.


Your grammar for today is to build cohesion on paragraphs. The chapter and the differentiated work is attached for today. Remember this is what we use in class. You are not expected to complete all 3 worksheets. Just the level that is suitable for you. Remember, Red = Basic, Green = Advancing and Blue = Deep.


Your Maths activity for today is to round and estimate numbers. The sheet is below for you to select your level to complete today.


Finally, have a look at the Science activity on forces. There is a PowerPoint for you to work through, and then we would like you to explore how gravity works. This could be an investigation on different objects falling, or the time it takes for a ball to fall down the stairs. Then write up what you have done and your conclusion.


Again, you can complete the work in the books that you've been given or email us your completed work.


Have a great day,

Miss Morris & Mr Fordham


The answer to yesterday’s brain teaser was 67. When I was six my sister was 3. 70 – 3 = 67!

Your brain teaser for today is: A sundial has the fewest moving parts of any timepiece. Which has the most?

Check tomorrow for the answer.