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Wednesday 22nd May

Good Morning!


We are just about to go to breakfast after a good night. The weather looks just right and we have the orienteering and team challenges ahead of us.


We will update as the day goes on.

Enjoying tuck shop

Celebrating after our Orienteering challenge

Team Challenge this afternoon

Wednesday evening


We have had a great day today. The weather has changed from very sunny to overcast so the sun hats have been on and off! The orienteering this morning took place in the vast grounds of Ilam Hall. We went around in groups looking for QR codes for the I pads and when they were scanned, the children had challenges to complete and facts to share. At the same time the children saw some beautiful scenery and of course, stepped in the inevitable sheep poo! 


After lunch we we had a go at the team challenges. All the challenges needed the groups to work together to reach their goal which they did very well - there were some tough challenges which required real perseverance. After a good session of free time, we are showering ready to take part in our clay and archery activities this evening.


After such a busy day the children are sure to find it more difficult waking up tomorrow!