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Wednesday 1st April


The final session on directions.  This time moving clockwise and anticlockwise.  There are two sheets to look at.  You can try each or both it's up to you.  

The first sheet is about you describing how you move in your house and describing how to get from one place to another.

The second sheet uses the words left/right/forward/backward apart from the 3-star sheet which uses turns clockwise and anticlockwise to locate the Pirates items.


The interactive game today is on mass/weight and has you weighing parcels.


Grammar focus today looking at adjectives.  Work your way through both sheets to improve your use and understanding of this word class.


Another poem, but this one is about Dragonflies.  It has lots of similes and alliteration.  Remember a simile compares it to something (as sharp as a knife) where alliteration is the use of the same sound. (Same sound being alliteration!) wink


Same as being in class, are you able to write out the table and sentences, neatly in your books.  Remember to use a pen and joined writing if you can.