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Tuesday 5th May


This week we are continuing to focus on Place Value.  Once completed we have provided other Maths extension tasks in the "Weekly Tasks" folder.  Or you can visit the BBC or Oak Academy for other Year 3 Maths areas.


Today we are looking at writing an informal letter.  Informal writing is the type of writing we would send to our friends, family, or other people we know.


Can you write an Informal letter explaining some of the things you have been doing, learnt or feeling during the lock-down.  This letter could be addressed to a family member, a teacher or a friend.


For example, it could be a letter to your Aunt about your Maths work and how you have helped plant flowers in the garden.  It's your choice.


To help we have included an example letter that shows the "key features" of an informal letter.  We have also included a word mat that has some words/phrases you could choose to include.



Reading Comprehension

The comprehension today is a little different.  You need to read the description and from that create a picture of what is being described!