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Tuesday 31st March


We are continuing to look back at directions, this time looking at Compass directions.  The sheets have a compass on them if you cannot remember which way is west!  The sheets range in difficulty from 1-3 star, so please choose your preferred level.


The interactive game today is on telling the time, scroll down and click on the Bear/clock picture to load.  Select your own level.  1 is the easiest and 5 the hardest.


Today you are going to create your own Weather Poem.  You can choose whether its an acrostic, shape, haiku or any poem type you like.  I have included some examples on the sheet and the weblink also takes you to some more examples.

I have also provided a word mat with some weather words if you wish to use them.


Today you have a weblink to watch a short 5 minute video about the "Boy Who Could Fly", who just happens to be sprinter Usain Bolt!  Once you have watched the video can you answer the questions on the sheet?

Vocab Challenge

Can you find the meaning of the word?  Can you use it in a sentence?