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Tuesday 24th May


What a magnificent first day!


We had a great coach trip up to Ilam - the traffic was clear and the children enjoyed a super journey. There were excited 'wows' as we left the main roads and travelled through the beautiful hills with their resident sheep. 


Once we had lunch we set off for the Stepping Stones. We had the long anticipated ice-cream as soon as we got there and once we arrived at the stepping stones themselves, we went across without a hitch - in fact I think this must be the quickest we have ever crossed the 'river' as the children had no worries at all!


We made our way back and the children were amazed at the fact that we had walked over 2 miles. Of course, the most important event of the day was going up to the bedrooms and they all settled excitedly into their rooms with their friends. All the children looked after each other and sorted out their 'bunk bed' partners without a hitch.


We had our first meal of the trip and as with everything else today, the group were quick to understand the canteen system straight away.


Tonight we have divided into our two craft groups. One started making their beaded geckos whilst the others made pipecleaner superheroes with a decorated box.


We are extremely impressed with this wonderful group - they have been a real pleasure to bring away. They have taken on board the new routines very quickly and been full of smiles and have settled into our Ilam Hall life so quickly. We will soon be having our hot chocolate and then quiet time before our first night waking up tomorrow to the next exciting event - an Ilam Hall breakfast!


We have a lovely load of photos to load on this page and we are trying to do so but the internet is very poor here - we will keep trying! There are photos on facebook but we will continue on this page.