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Another fantastic day here in Wales.  We all had a fantastic sleep after last night's beach walk and woke up to a delicious breakfast which included hash browns and spaghetti hoops! After making our lunch, we got ourselves ready for our first activity. The tide was coming in and the wind had picked up so the kayaking group and the canoeing group had to work hard in the water but did as fantastically as they have all week.  

Lunchtime came and then we headed off for our afternoon activities, which included raft building for the first time this week.  The groups doing raft building showed great teamwork, bravery and communication skills.  We even learnt how to tie a reef knot!  All the groups were sad that this was their last activity session but spent time this evening celebrating their experiences and how proud they were of themselves and each other.  Our dinner tonight went down extremely well, sausage, mash and vegetables with apple crumble and custard to follow.  This evening's entertainment (after packing) was playing in the games room, the final round of our eagerly competed quiz and then a final circle time sharing our memories of the week.  One last hot chocolate before bed.