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Thursday 9th July

Thursday 9th July

Your tasks for today:


English: Watch through the video on the stunning landscapes. Choose a landscape to pause on and choose some words to describe what you see.

Basic: Write descriptive phrases.

Advancing: Some short descriptive sentences.

Deep: A paragraph using descriptive phrases. Think about the sense, sight, smell, sound, feel.


Maths: Compare and order fractions


Topic: The Celts. We would like you to find out who the Celts were by reading the information below. When you have done that, your task is to design a Celtic warrior. You can use the template below or create your own.


Have a good day,


Miss Morris and Mr Fordham.


Brain Teaser:

Answer to yesterday’s Brain Teaser: It follows you and copies your every move. But you can’t touch it or catch it.  What is it? Your shadow.

What building has thousands of stories?


Fact of the Day:

India has the lowest meat consumption in the world. Per capita, Indians only consume 7 pounds of meat per person per year. That’s less than I eat in a week!