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Thursday 7th May


This week we are continuing to focus on Place Value.  Once completed we have provided other Maths extension tasks in the "Weekly Tasks" folder.  Or you can visit the BBC or Oak Academy for other Year 3 Maths areas.

The Maths sheet has 3 levels from 1-3 stars so chose your challenge.  Careful as the answers are on page 4!


Watch the mini-movie link below on the hero Rocketeer.


Can you then design a villain (baddie!) for the Rocketeer and create a "Wanted" poster for your villain.  

Draw and then describe your villain.  Describe their looks, features, clothes, and the bad things they do.  You can also add a reward value if you like!

Reading Comprehension

We are all experts on volcanoes after covering them earlier in the year.  Can you read and answer these questions about these real-life volcanoes around the world.