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Thursday 2nd April


Like last week we are focusing back on measuring time and looking at clocks.  Can you complete the table?  You need to either add in the analogue clock, digital clock or writing of the time.  

(For the digital clocks you need to colour in the numbers)


The interactive game is on recognising shapes either 2D or 3D.  You need sound as the game calls out the shapes you need to shoot.


Today we would like you to complete a superhero story.  We have provided you with a starter to a story involving Superman.  His phone rings and its up to you to complete this story.


To help we have included a word mat with some Superhero words you can choose to use.


Today's reading comprehension uses our knowledge of bean plants.  The reading comprehension is split into 3 difficulties so only read/print the section you wish to answer.  Be careful as the answers are included but will help you to check your work once you have finished.


You all should be bean plant experts by now! laugh

Vocab Challenge

Another word that you need to find the meaning of, can you write a sentence including it?