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Thursday 26th March

MATHS (MM) answers for 25.3.20 yesterdays work

26.3.20 MATHS (MM) algebra continued

Hi Everyone in MM Maths Group

I hope you are having a go at the Maths tasks.

Today, I would like basic and advancing to do the first task - remember to think about your inverses.  

If you really want a challenge then try Deep - it isn't easy!  Just remember that c² means c x c just the same as 6² means 6 x 6

Also c³ means c x c x c just the same as 6³ is the same as 6 x 6 x 6 = 36 x 6 = 216

It's your choice if you want to have a go, you can always try it and email me what you've done so I can check it for you.  


Have fun

Take care

Mrs M


Maths - Mean, median, mode and range (JMc)

Use the powerpoint to learn how to find the averages for mean, median, mode and range. Then complete the 'Rob runs' activity on your computer or in your work book. Please email me if any of this is unclear. I'm happy to help :)
Maths CGP (JMc) - 

Set B Test 2 page 23

Answers will be posted later in the week.

26.3.20 English Reading - Pobble

Hi Group MM

First read the opening to the story.  We love discussing the Pobble pictures, so discuss it with your family and see what questions they want to ask too.  Then write 5-10 questions that you want to know about the picture and the story starter.

The open the link to help you design a poster about fire safety.

I look forward to seeing your posters so please email them to me or put them on Park Junior Twitter.

Take care and keep safe.

Mrs M

Read the poem, 'The Cave', and answer the questions about it.

If anyone tries the extension and writes their own poem about a cave or beach, I would love to read them so email them across to me. Mrs McMahon :)

Year 6 topic work (JMc and VdB)


TASK: create your own idea of how the world was created either as a picture, painting, collage or a storyboard.