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Thursday 26th March

Good Morning All,

Hopefully you're not getting too restless. 


English - You should have completed your English persuasive letter by now so your English task for today is a reading and grammar based activity. The activity is very similar to those that we complete in class so you can use your books to lay out your work.  If you haven’t finished your letter, please continue with this.


Maths - We would also like you to complete the Maths activity on inverse operations. Remember that the inverse is the opposite!


Spelling - We have included a spelling sheet and activity for you to complete in the usual format of our weekly spellings. Perhaps you could get an adult at home to test you?


PE - Finally, due to being inside so much it is still really important to get your heart rate up. The Joe Wick’s PE sessions are a real hit! We have been completing them every morning. If you don’t fancy doing this you could simply run up and down the stairs, squats in the lounge, press ups in the kitchen or run laps in the garden. Whatever you decide to do make sure you stay safe and make a note of what you did. Maybe you could even get someone to record you and email it to us.  


You can complete the work in the books that you've been given or email us your completed work. If you need any help, then just drop us an email and we will get back to you!


Have a great day,

Miss Morris & Mr Fordham


The answer to yesterday’s brain teaser was an hourglass. It has thousands of grains of sand.

Your brain teaser for today is: If it takes six men one hour to dig six holes, how long does it take one man to dig half a hole?  

Check tomorrow for the answer.