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Thursday 23rd May

Good morning!


What a great night! We went straight to bed after our clay and archery activities last night and within minutes of lights out everyone was asleep. We all had a solid night's sleep and as predicted, we needed to wake all the children up this morning! It's safe to say that a good night was had by all.


We have just finished breakfast with the first decisions of the day; whether to have a cooked breakfast, cereal, croissants or toast.


This morning we will be doing our hill walk and this afternoon parachute games (don"t panic - our feet will be firmly on the ground!) and scavenger hunt. 


Photos will be posted when possible as the day progresses.

The hill walk

The hill walk 1
The hill walk 2
The hill walk 3
The hill walk 4
The hill walk 5
The hill walk 6
The hill walk 7

We've reached the top! Yay!

We've reached the top! Yay! 1
We've reached the top! Yay! 2
We've reached the top! Yay! 3
We've reached the top! Yay! 4
We've reached the top! Yay! 5

The day's activities

The day's activities 1
The day's activities 2
The day's activities 3
The day's activities 4
The day's activities 5
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4